Day 29 MHC + Vegetarian Eating

Day 29 MHC + Vegetarian Eating

Hey Yall!

Day 29 The Master’s Hammer and Chisel: Total Body Chisel

Today’s workout in The Master’s Hammer and Chisel was Total Body Chisel. I really like this one because it is so reminiscent of my old gym workouts that I used to do. I have no picture nor can I find my post from the first time I did this workout…… is this the first time I’ve done this one? I don’t think so….. hmmm.

Oh well, it was great because I was right in my former comfort zone of 3 sets of 10 of basic bodybuilding moves. Ah, memories. You and I had a good time together, weights. Still do! Just in a different way. 🙂

Viking to Vegan 

I blogged this morning about the fact that I am eating a vegetarian diet for the rest of this week in preparation for the vegan 3 Day Refresh cleanse that I start Sunday. It’s a vegan plan but I won’t be entirely vegan because I opted to use my vanilla Shakeology rather than go with one of the vegan flavors offered.

So here is my first vegetarian day. I am really trying to consume more produce. Because of this I made a smoothie today with spinach, kale, blueberries, almond milk, and cinnamon….. it was ok haha. Not amazing. Back to the drawing board.


Goodnight everybody!

Viking to Vegan

Viking to Vegan

Good morning Friends!

I’m going from Viking to vegan!

Well, not a real vegan but close enough for me at the moment! If you follow my food/workout posts, you know that I call myself a Viking because lately all I seem to be eating is meat and dairy. I have no clue how vikings really ate but I picture them eating similarly haha. Actually, let me google it. One sec!


Ok, so not too much dairy mentioned here  but I was kinda right.

Anyway I didn’t mean to eat like a Viking. Here’s how it all started and the progression that lead up to my current way of eating.

-Discovered clean eating, changed diet, felt great
-Dieted too much, exercised too much, felt like crap
-Stopped doing cardio because I was sick of it, stops watching calories because I was sick of it
-Gained weight 😦
-Tried the LCHF diet, LOVED it!, lost a little weight but then couldn’t lose anymore, no problem because I felt so good
-Hormones went crazy after 3 months of no carbs because, well, you need some carbs in your life
-Started over with just a clean diet, sort of watching calories and sort of watching carbs
-Got pregnant with Anna, gained tons of weight
-Had Anna. Found weight loss success with a clean, lower carb diet with little carb ups here and there plus 21 Day Fix Extreme and Insanity Max 30, BUT still kept falling off the wagon when I had junk food
-Quit sugar, found it SO MUCH easier to stick to a meal plan
-Got busy being a mom of an infant and 4 year old and stuck to healthy eating by only eating the things that I didn’t have to steam or wash or cut up. I save and reheat whatever meat I make for the family for dinner and always have yogurt and almonds on hand. I boil a big batch of eggs on Sunday so I can grab them when I need a quick snack throughout the week
-Realized I had become a Viking

So that’s how I became a Viking. BUT Sunday I will be starting the 3 Day Refresh which is three days of having three of Beachbody’s shakes (1 Shakeology, 2 Vanilla Fresh), a Fiber Sweep drink, and then your diet is all vegan.

To ease myself into this, I am keeping a vegetarian diet for the rest of the week. I refuse to only eat yogurt, nuts, and eggs though so I am making the effort to add produce. I’m not going to lie y’all, I’m kinda nervous. But I am keeping an open mind and I am excited about adding more color to my diet! Lord knows I need to.

So that’s where I am at right now haha. We’ll see how this goes!

I would love to hear from vegetarians and vegans about your diet! So today’s questions are for the plant-based peeps!


Are you a vegan or a vegetarian?

Why do you love your eating style?

Do you find it challenging to stick to? Are you hungry all the time?

Any tips? Please!

Thank you in advance!

Ryan’s 2nd Dentist Visit Day 28 MHC + Grocery Snack + Day 2

Ryan’s 2nd Dentist Visit Day 28 MHC + Grocery Snack + Day 2

Good Evening Friends!

I’m checking in for Day 28!

Ryan’s Second Visit to the Dentist

Well we are two for two for dentist visits.


I can’t believe how well Ryan behaves for the dentist. He doesn’t even act like himself. I have to basically pry his mouth open with a crowbar to brush his teeth! But you would never know it at the dentist. He cooperates extremely well. He does, however, still have to wear shades like he did last time because the light is too bright. I forgot to bring his so he wore mine haha.

Grocery Snack


When I am out and about and end up in need of a snack, I always opt to just run into the grocery store. RARELY does a drive thru or convenient store have a healthy option. Even the “health” bars and nuts are junky 😦

It takes a little more effort to go into a grocery store but it’s definitely worth it!

Day 28 The Master’s Hammer and Chisel: Hammer Power

This workout is SO FUN. It is full of power lifts which is something I have been wanting to try but honestly kind of scared to. I was glad to try them at home with lighter weights and the instruction of Arnold (Sagi Kalev).

During this morning’s workout, I realized how far I have come from when I first started working out again after having Anna. I noticed that I am finally able to do all of the exercises that are in the programs (except pull-ups). I don’t know though, maybe I can do a pull-up. I will try next time I take Ryan to the park. Anyway, it was a great moment to know that I had made a good amount of progress.

I’m Not Going to Bore You With My Food….

Because it’s exactly the same today as everyday.

Ok, last day of eggs and yogurt. Tomorrow I AM BRANCHING OUT….. a little anyway. I am keeping a vegetarian diet the rest of the week in preparation for the 3 Day Refresh that starts Sunday! Plus, I will be doing a clean eating challenge after that in which I will have to make recipes. I better warm myself up!

Have a great night everyone!


Does your child like the dentist?

What is your go-to snack when you are out and about?




Break Into March With A 5 Day FREE Clean Eating Challenge!

Break Into March With A 5 Day FREE Clean Eating Challenge!

Good morning!

I addition to my workout/food recap today, I wanted to announce my FREE 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge that I will be doing next week in a closed group on Facebook!


The challenge will be kicking off the month of March, beginning Wednesday March 1st and and ending on Sunday the 5th. 

I’ve been wanting to do a clean eating group for a while now because we live in a day in age where there is SO MUCH INFORMATION. If you are trying to break into a healthy lifestyle, it can be overwhelming when you read so many conflicting things about healthy eating! Only eat real food, don’t watch calories, do watch calories, don’t eat grains, eat grains, don’t eat carbs, eat carbs, eat all the fat, don’t eat to much fat…… yeesh.

And even if you have been living fit a while, it can still be overwhelming! I know after every health summit I have ever listened to, my head spins and I still have no clue what to eat even though I just got done listening to tons of experts on the matter!

So for this challenge I am kicking it old school and taking it back to basics. Challengers are of course welcome to join and eat their own clean diet and just use the group for accountability, but for those new to clean eating I will be providing a meal plan and grocery list that I will base off of the book that taught me how to eat clean back in 2011, The Eat Clean Diet Stripped by Tosca Reno.


I know it says that it’s to peel off the last 10 pounds in 28 days but I will just be using the clean eating basics that she covers in this book. The reason I chose this book is because it is perfect for someone who is brand new to clean eating OR someone who has been at it a while but may have gotten overwhelmed with info and needs a refresher of the basics. The meal plan and grocery list will just be a guide for those who need it. But everyone, if you think you’ve got this clean eating thing down or you have your own special diet that works well for you, just jump in and enjoy the accountability!

So if you would like to join the challenge please know that you are welcome no matter what stage of the fit life you are in. If you are currently not living fit, know that the minute you say “I’m in!” to this challenge you will be!

So let’s all do what we do best and support, motivate, and celebrate one another for the first five days of march!

PS- If you are not on Facebook, I will be recapping the challenge here on the blog as well. We can do our own little version of the challenge in the comments. 🙂

PPS- Ladies only 🙂

Looking forward to beginning March with a bang with all of you!!!


Are you in the mood for a challenge?

Day 27 MHC: Agility + Day With Grandma

Day 27 MHC: Agility + Day With Grandma

Happy Monday Peaches!

This will be another short and sweet because I just got in from spending the day with my sweet mom! This morning I got my workout in, got some work done, then packed the kids up to spend the day with grandma.


We had a great day chatting and shopping (things we do best). Always a good time when we spend the day together.


The Master’s Hammer and Chisel:  Chisel Agility

I love this workout! Still my favorite! Check out the rundown from the first time I did it here.  I am definitely getting better at listening.


Here’s today’s food!



Have a great night everyone!

Day 26 MHC: Rest Day with the Fam

Day 26 MHC: Rest Day with the Fam

Good Evening Peaches!

Just popping in to document Day 26 in The Master’s Hammer and Chisel. Today was my rest day and it was spent at church and with the fam!

Ryan ended up getting a big bump on his head in Sunday school. The kids were playing with balloons and he ran into the door! Ow, poor guy. 😦

For some reason the bruise wouldn’t show up in the pictures. It’s right next to his hairline in the middle of his forehead. It was pretty dark but now it’s actually almost gone! Kids heal so fast!
Sometimes I wonder if I’m dreaming. Thank you Lord for these faces!

My day included a Kevita which felt good after last night’s Mich Ultras (only 2)……..


…….and the peanut butter party I ended up having. There were only two in attendance, me and the spoon. :/

So due to that, I wasn’t that hungry today.

Here’s the food!



I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday evening! Let’s rest up and rock this week!!!

Sunday Thoughts…

Sunday Thoughts…


My Sunday thoughts…


Angela Teal has been or is still:

  • Prideful
  • Vain
  • A failing student
  • A drop-out
  • A liar
  • A glutton
  • Anorexic
  • Bulimic
  • A Gossip
  • A thief
  • Self consumed
  • Childish
  • An adulterer
  • A doormat
  • Divorced
  • Two-faced
  • Insecure
  • Bankrupt
  • A cheater
  • A back-stabber
  • Jealous
  • Judging
  • Selfish

Angela Teal is also:

  • Saved by Christ
  • So sorry
  • Forgiven
  • Relieved
  • So thankful
  • Forever changed