16 thoughts on “Well Well, Look What Showed Up”

  1. Congratulations dear Angela you deserve it and I would frame it too!

    I went to see my psychiatric doctor yesterday and she said I would be fine again within two weeks and that I was doing all the right things. I have been close to get hospitalized at the psychiatric hospital but I have refused. I want to be home and to keep going to work. I have the greatest boss. She is awesome and totally understanding. I LOVE my job.
    My man is going to India on Tuesday for 5 and a half week. He is from India and is going to see his family. I’m gonna miss him so much.
    My food is so bad. I don’t have energy or feel like cooking. I have no idea what to do and don’t know what to eat so I eat whatever is in sight when I get hungry. I won’t stress myself so I just relax and let go till I feel better.

    I just saw your progress pictures. You are doing so well. Awsome and what a great willpower you have. Thumbs up . You can be so proud of yourself.

    I hope I can soon follow in your footsteps.

    Take care and later skater 🙂

    1. Susanne!
      It’s so good to hear from you! You have bern in my thoughts a lot. I am so glad that your doctor said things will be better in 2 weeks. Light at the end of the tunnel right? Your boss sounds like such a blessing.
      Yes, just take it easy until you feel better. One thing at a time.
      Hopefully those 2 weeks will fly by. They will.
      Thank you! Again, it is so good to hear from you! Keep in touch girl. 🙂

      Later skater!

      1. Hello dear

        I had a great day today. In the morning I was very tired but I listened to the radio while knitting. It was a program where ppl write about their dilemmas. Very funny.
        my friend came over as usual and we had a great talk. She is very good to talk with.

        Now I feel better and more energized.

        I placed an order for stripped at amazon and it was supposed to be delivered about a month ago. So I emailed their costumer service and got a reply half an hour later. It was such a nice reply I almost had tears in my eyes lol
        they told me it had returned for some reason but they will replace my order and I will get it shortly. My friend told me that maybe the book will help me get the eager and inspiration back. There is this Christmas dinner at work on 6th December. It’s a tradition here at work. I want to look nice so I hope I can get back on track soon. It will be better for me anyway. All this crap eating is a bad circle as it drains me for the energy I don’t have. Hopefully the energy I have right now will last. It’s so good to talk with a good and understanding friend. And we talk about everything and are good at kicking each other in the butt !!! Priceless.

        I am looking forward to receiving my book. Maybe it will kick me too 🙂

        And following your blog and all your nice writing to me. I appreciate it very much.

        All those things adds up and gives me the ability to fight.

        Thank you!

      2. Hi Susanne!
        I am so glad that you have your friend to be with on the weekends. Isn’t it nice to just relax and be silly? Wow! I can’t believe they responded to you so soon! That’s great! Now is this the first book you will have read from Tosca Reno? Yes, it will definitely motivate you but I will help you. It might seem overwhelming at first but it’s not. She just uses a lot of unusual ingredients in her meal plans and don’t forget it’s only a 28 day diet. Anyway, you will love it! Just ask me if you need help with anything. 🙂
        Take it is easy this weekend friend.
        We are getting a pumpkin for Ryan tonight because Halloween is next weekend. Halloween is Friday and his birthday is Saturday! Two days of partying for my little guy haha!

  2. Angela, that is so cool that you are a fitness instructor! I am honored to know you! Today was so crappy. I was up half the night with extended family drama. I am so tired. On one hand I am very sad for what is going on, on the other hand it makes me so thankful for what a wonderful family I have.

    I have been listening to Carrie Underwood’s new song lately, “Something in the Water.” It’s so beautiful and it has really been helping me get out of a mental funk super quick. I did good today despite the crap. Kept it super clean and I found Kind Bars at Sam’s Club for $1.06 per bar, score! My husband loves them and it is keeping him from buying Snickers. Giant step in the right direction. I am doing the other half of my clean food shopping tomorrow morning, exercising, and then prepping food Sunday. I am so looking forward to this journey. Thank you for helping me!!

    1. Thank you Anne!
      Aw man, that stinks! I have never understood family drama? I’m blessed as well to have the family that I do.
      I can’t think of which song that is so I’ll Google. I’m glad it’s helping you! I love Carrie Underwood.
      Oh wow, that’s great on the KIND bars! Good job getting your husband in the game. I wish mine would do the same. One day!
      Sounds like you have a good plan for the weekend! Great! And hey, you help me just as much!
      I hope things grt better with your family soon. Are you done having to deal with it?

      1. I sure hope so. Half the family was away on vacation so my poor husband was forced to be mediator for the week. So crazy. Why can’t people just get along? They are all back tomorrow so he will get support and relief. I have a feeling it may get worse before it gets better though. Poo hitting the fan, ya know, lol! At this point i am just gonna sit back and watch and live my life. I’m so over it. Its just not cool that my life was screwy from someone elses’s problems. Argh!!!! Whatever, moving on.

        I cant wait to exercise tomorrow, time to invest back into myself, i deserve it. Gonna keep the food simple this week and my exercise goal is to workout once on the weekend and two days during the week. Then i will start to add more. Totally doable! I’m inspired by you to name what I’m doing so it sounds official and it has an identity that i feel obligated to so I’m calling it my 5 and 9 plan. 5 weeks to Thanksgiving and 9 weeks to Christmas. I can do this!!

      2. No kidding, I don’t even know what the issue is but it has selfish snd inconsiderate written all over it if it ended up bleeding into your life. 😦
        Your right to leave it alone now.
        What are you going to do? Kettle bell? I am going to the gym for abs and cardio.
        I love your plan name! For some reason I take it more seriously when it has a name lol. Alright! You got this! Does 5 and 9 start Monday?

      3. Yes, Monday is go day, but I’m gonna be 90% good this weekend so I start a step ahead. I will probably have a treat tomorrow night and then its on!
        Feeling great today, my husband no longer has to try to fix someone else’s life, yahoo!

  3. So, I can’t find where you said . . . Are you teaching classes now, and what ones? What classes do you want to teach that you are not yet?

    1. No not yet. I just wanted to get the certification and go from there. There is also a certification for health coach. I want to get that but I am waiting until after the holidays.
      Still figuring things out with the group fitness.

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