2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Child……”

  1. I adore Philippians! This is great because we really do need to learn how to truly “give it to God.” He blesses us with such peace once we actually hand the control over to Him. This is exactly what we were talking about last week Angela! God does not want us to worry, He wants us to be joyful in Him.
    I get great newsletters from my son’s school. Last week they had an acronym for the word pray that is so awesome.
    P-praise the Lord
    R-repent your sins
    A-ask for your needs, etc.
    Y-yield and listen for God’s voice
    That sums it up! God bless!!

    1. Yes! You are so right. I have something that I spent YEARS praying for and wondered why I had no answer. It was me! I wasn’t giving it up!
      I love that acronym! Perfect!
      Thanks Anne!

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