6 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Child…”

  1. Praise the Lord!! My son adores baby Jesus and any scripture with Mary. Yesterday he surprised me by singing the most precious little song, “Happy Birthday Jesus!” It brought tears to my eyes to hear him sing “Jesus, I love you.” Come to find out he is learning the song in school because his class is going to perform it at the Christmas play! I can’t wait!!

    God bless you all!

    1. Anne I saw this Tuesday and then forgot to respond!
      I love that your son loves Jesus and that they are teaching him songs like that in school!
      You have got to video the Christmas play.

  2. Precious moments !!!! Happy holidays Anne. Enjoy the play. I always ended up with tears in my eyes. I use to hide it but then over the years I just let the happy/proud tears roll :).

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