22 thoughts on “Happy 2016!”

  1. Thank you! Happy new year to you as well. Every year I set more fitness goals, to continually push myself. How about you?

    1. It is so good to continually push yourself! Good luck! I know you will reach new heights this year!
      I do have fitness goals that am pushing toward. But my resolution is to limit my internet time (besides blogging) to 1 hour a day. Social media has been sucking my life away!! Haha!

      1. Absolutely, the continual push is what makes us better. Love your resolution to limit Internet time. It definitely can pull you in.

  2. A happy and healthy New Year to you and the other wonderful ladies !!
    No resolutions made as of yet. Think it is healthier for me not to. Looking forward to increasing my weight lifting skills💪 (haha) as I do love the empowerment I have received from it, being as active as I can and doing my best remaining cancer free. Not too many wishes…but some important ones.
    Enjoy the weekend of new beginnings 😀

    1. Happy new year Mary!
      Yeah, if resolutions are not a help, better to just trudge on!
      I am so excited to see how strong you get this year? Do you know how to build muscle? Like when to eat what to make sure that your lifting is actually building muscle. If not, let me know. It’s easy……to explain anyway lol.
      You are in my prayers for another cancer free year!
      I was thinking of just going back to old school sharing food and workouts for the blog since we are all trying to lose weight and get jacked haha. Sound good? What do you think? I tried making the Peach body page but it doesn’t let me do multiple posts. I think it will be fun going back to food and exercise. It’s fun to see what everyone eats and does.
      Hope your day is great!

  3. Happy New year y’all

    I want to quit chewing nicotine gum but have had a terrible day so it’s delayed a few days
    Want to walk several times a week and stick to my new lifestyle which will be easy

    1. Haha! I would love to hear you say “Y’all” in your accent!
      I know you will be able to quit the gum when you get situated. You are already off to such a great start with the walking!!! WAY TO GO SUSANNE!!

  4. 2016 will find me taking awesome care of myself! my fitbit is on my wrist to monitor my activity, my clean food, as well as my rest. my action plan was set in motion Dec 28th & i am proud to report that i am doing & feeling great.

    i was away to the cottage for a few day where i walked, journaled, read, socialized with the neighbours, & ate clean wholesome eats. I’m excited to see the scale tomorrow morning…i feel good…you know that yucky xmas bloat you feel from two weeks of odd eating. I feel good and cleansed. tomorrow i will take down all of the festive decor and give the house the same cleanse i’ve given my digestive system 😉

    Happy 2016 from the great white north 🙂

    1. Heather that’s so amazing that you started on the 28th! That’s so hard! I swear if I get a certain date in my head when I am going to start something, it is impossible to stay on track until then. I knew this was going to be a busy weekend so I originally planned to start Monday the 4th. But after the holidays, there I was New Year’s eve feeling just yuck. I couldn’t wait and started the 1st! So far so good! Way to go staying on track. And that’s so good that you were ale to get away and relax and clear your mind a bit. I think you absolutely have to do that before you are able to really move forward.
      My friend Becca got that Fitbit and LOVES it. It’s so neat! I kinda want one but I am already so easily pulled into obsession I don’t know if it would be beneficial for me. I am excited to see your progress with it!
      Happy 2016 Heather!

  5. Ha, I got a fitbit as well. I find that I am doing more exercise in order to get in some extra steps and reach my goal of 10,000 steps per day. I have also synced it with My Fitness Pal, so far it’s working very well.

    I am revising my whole 30 challenge to include a little bit of dairy; yogurt and cheese. My main focus will be on eliminating all grains and added sugars.

    Happy New Year to everyone.

    1. Christine, like I told Heather, my friend Becca just got a Fitbit and loves it and I am pretty sure Sarah was using one at one point and has a good experience. They are so neat! I could totally see myself marching in place beside my bed at night to get my steps in lol. I am LOVING MFP. I have always tracked my food, but I love how when you complete your entry for the day it tells you how much you will way if you keeping eating those calories. So neat!
      Ok good, You have to make it work for you. As you know, I was doing the ketogenic diet and had a lot of success for 3 MONTHS. Then out of nowhere my hormones started going all wonky. That was a nasty trick 😦
      I don’t regret doing the diet because I learned a lot. Now I have dairy, fruit, and some grains but I do try to stay away from wheat. But everyone is different!
      Good luck with the rest of challenge! I know you can do it and I am so glad you are feeling so good!

  6. Hellooooo, just catching up. Funny thing….My hubby gave me a Fitbit for Christmas too !!!! I can also be a bit obsessive but I’m trying NOT to let it get to that. Held off on logging foods on the plan but plan to start that tomorrow. It has been on my wrist since and only today did I not satisfy the 10,000 steps. I am at 8910 and that is just fine. Yesterday I did 17,000. I have received many awards, yippee !!!!! Have been hiking our land. Hilly hilly terrain. A great workout Friday and Saturday. Love being in the woods. Dog got mixed up with a porcupine. That was a mess ! He had no idea what the heck happened, poor boy :(. Anyways, fresh air, challenging terrain and many steps….a great day(s).

    I think logging our foods and exercise would be helpful. And, no, I do not necessarily know the best way in which to make lifting most beneficial. I do my circuits and then jump on the tread for now 30 minutes as I read that to be a good time for daily exercise to lose weight. I exercise mid morning after breakfast has settled or mid afternoon after lunch has settled. Will have snack of nuts/yogurt after workout or my smoothie with pea protein. Any tips appreciated !!! Thank you.

    I must get back on track. Feel bloated and horrible tonight. Had Mexican for a treat because we plan on being pretty stringent for the next couple months…hopefully. That is the plan.

    Ok ladies….we CAN and WILL do this !!!!!

    1. Hellooooo Mary!!!
      Everyone’s got a Fitbit! They seem so neat. I will watch how you all do with them before I get one lol. Way to go on 17,000 steps! Wow!!!
      You and your husband are so active! Hopefully this will be the year my hubby jumps in.
      Ok about building muscle. Your workouts are great. And you are right to start with the circuit and then do cardio after. Post workout, make sure you have a carb at this meal to drive the protein into the muscle.
      Also, since you need a calorie surplus to build muscle, when you have an indulgent night (like the mexican) choose the muscle group that you want to build muscle in the most and train that the next day so that those calories with go to that area.
      Hope this helps you!
      Have a great Monday Mary!! Good luck today!

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