Journaling Your Gratitude

Good Morning!

I hope your week is off to a fabulous start!

Gratitude Journaling

About a month ago, I began taking a few minutes in the morning to journal my thoughts. Some mornings the only thing I journal is the things that I am thankful for. I wanted to share this with you because although it is so incredibly simple, I couldn’t believe the impact it has made on my mood and daily outlook!

All you do is get yourself a journal,


and then start listing everything you can think of that you are thankful for.

This is definitely not everything I am thankful for. It’s just an example list I jotted down for you all. I can get pretty deep with my gratitude haha. 
I urge you to try this this week! It takes no time and I promise you it will totally set you up for a great day.

You could even start right now in the comments section!


What are some things that you are thankful for right now?

I am thankful for all of you readers. Have a fantastic day everyone!

3 thoughts on “Journaling Your Gratitude”

  1. This is a great exercise that I have used, especially when I am feeling down. We have so much to be grateful for and it’s a good idea to remind ourselves.

    Here are a few things I am grateful for (not in any order of importance):
    Owning my own home
    Having a decent job
    My parents
    My son
    Good friends I can turn to
    Having good food to eat
    My health
    My upcoming trip to Europe

    Thanks for this reminder Angela, sometimes when things get busy we lose site of all the good things in our lives.

    1. Yes! You are so right! I couldn’t believe the difference it made in my day and it was so simple. Had to share.
      Those are awesome things to be thankful for. You are always so positive though Christine. It is always a blessing to hear from you. xo

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