Word of the Day: Diligence

Say it with me now!


Definition: Careful and persistent work or effort.

Stick-to-it-ness! Diligence is the key factor  in  your weight loss success. It’s doing the things you need to do to move toward your goal each and every single day. Diligence is what carries you through, when the results are slow and the motivation is lacking. Here are my 4 tips to making sure that diligence becomes a part your daily lives!


1.Devise a Fail Proof Plan

Take some time and PLAN your success. Your plan needs be detailed directions of how your day will go in order to achieve your goal, but also needs to be simple enough that you can execute it every day. If you work full time and have children, a plan to workout 2 hours a day and prepare elaborate recipes is probably not ideal. A good plan for a super busy person may be a meal plan with 3 healthy and simple meals and 3 healthy and simple snacks, then a 30 minute workout DVD in the morning before work.

2. Auto Pilot

Once you devise your fail proof plan, write it out and keep it with you. Memorize it!  You need to be able to do your plan on auto pilot. Know your plan like the back of your hand so that even when life throws curve balls you can still get it done! It is much easier to get something done when know exactly what to do.

3. Envision Yourself  Having Achieved Your Goal DAILY!

Place yourself as your new self every day! Motivation fuels diligence. Placing your mind actually inside your new body gets you excited about the journey to actually getting there. Every time you take steps toward your goal (your fail proof plan), you are more and more that new body! Don’t look to the end, look to the now! Live as your new self will live and the body will catch up!

4. Push Through Until You Have a Habit

From the beginning, make a commitment to yourself to push through and execute your plan for at least 2 weeks. They say it takes around 21 days to form a habit but I think that you will be doing yourself a big favor if you fight to stick to your plan for 2 weeks.. It’s short enough to actually do what you say you will do, but long enough to see some results and keep going afterward from your motivation. Nothing says “keep going” like seeing a few pounds lost on the scale or pulling the measuring tape a little tighter! In my experience, after the first two weeks, my plan seems much easier to follow because I have had a few ups and downs with it and feel confident that I can keep on going regardless. I bet you will feel the same!


Are you diligent?

What ways do you make sure that you are working toward your goal every day?

Please share! And I hope you are exercising diligence today! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Diligence”

  1. Plan Plan Plan I swear I’m a food-aholic. I eat clean healthy food when my house is full of it….the same goes for the crap so I work at keeping the crap out. I do the grocery shopping because the males of my family would only buy the crap 😉

    1. Yes Heather! So important for us “food-aholics” to plan!!! I find it just better to say no too. I too live in a house full of crap eating boys (yet whom are NOT food-aholics) and I just have to put up a mental barrier that that is their food and this is my food.
      And you are so right, thank God we are in charge of the grocery shopping and cooking!!! Who knows what we would be eating lol!

  2. Plan Plan Plan- I crash and burn @ taking great care of myself in terms of great food if I don’t sit down and think about it.

  3. I love your post Angela. You help us with diligence by allowing us to post our food here and be accountable to someone, thank you for that. Along with diligence, accountability is so important. I have not had too much trouble being diligent for the past couple of months, partly because my cravings are gone and my hunger is under control. Also, I am doing this mainly for health reasons, which is a great motivator to stick with it.

    1. Thank you so much Christine! I am so glad to be a help in any way I can. You ladies are DEFINITELY a help to me and for that I am so thankful. I totally agree on the accountability.
      I have been telling you this pretty much every day but you have been KILLING it and it’s so motivating to read every day. And I totally know what you mean about doing it for your health, I have always loved eating healthy but nothing kicked my butt into gear like failing the sugar test and being told I have enlarged red blood cells. Definitely a craving killer haha.
      Hope your day is amazing!!!

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