Hi Peaches! Two words for today…


You ladies who comment on this blog everyday had an AMAZING week last week!!! Some of us have been on the healthy wagon and getting results for a while now (Christine and Susanne) and some of us kicked out butts into gear a little more recently. Nevertheless, last week all of us were rocking it! Way to go ladies!!! It is so inspiring, motivating, and encouraging to be in this little group! Thank you so much for sharing your hard work and progress everyday because it is definitely contagious.

I just wanted to take today and say let’s keep it going. It is so easy when we have a little stretch of success to want to kick back and take a break for a minute. But I urge you to keep going today and make working toward your goal a habit in your life. The way to achieve your goals is to be diligent. The way to practice diligence is to keep going when you are more inclined to take a break. Let’s all share our our results and progress and how we will keep moving forward!

I’ll start since, you know, I’m writing this post and all. 🙂


Results- Being that I am 3 years pregnant, I am obviously not going to be losing tons of weight at this point. However, since I started my 12 month adventure on here Peach On A Diet  I have lost 8 pounds. Then I began measuring my thighs last week since those are the only things really worth measuring right now and I am down half an inch in both since last Monday. The best result by far though is that I am finally feeling good in this pregnancy. I was miserable with morning sickness nausea until 19 weeks, then I was swollen and extremely lethargic due to too much weight gain by week 28. I FINALLY feel like myself again just with a really big belly haha.

Things that contributed to my results- Hands down, being diligent with healthy eating, meal planning, and exercise. I thank you ladies for helping me to do this with your accountability!


Also, I have learned that getting the right mindset is CRUCIAL! I will not go into details of why, but for most of this pregnancy I was flat out depressed. Even though my thoughts toward what that was causing the depression has not changed, the depression is gone. I make it a priority each morning to pray and read my Bible as well as journal my gratitude. I know this seems so simple but I cannot tell you the difference it has made! If you are going through a hard time with depression or anxiety, I strongly recommend making gratitude journaling a priority every day. It totally changes everything when you focus on the good in your life! It is crazy how much our mindset affects our daily lives

.  IMG_3078[1]

How I will keep moving forward- I will keep posting daily on here in the Fit Journal posts so that I continue to be motivated by you ladies. I will also keep enjoying the process. I have my goals set, and I am loving the process each day of working toward them. I also made a vision board about a month ago that that really helps to keep my head in the game. I know it sounds silly but vision boards really do work! Every morning after journaling my gratitude, I look over and pray over the vision board. I will not share the whole thing because I am a super spiritual person and I don’t want to nauseate you all haha. I just wanted to mention the vision board because it has really helped to remind me each day of what my goals are and why I am doing what I am doing.


Thank you again to all of you who post here daily. I love you ladies and enjoy so much reading what you have to say every day. Let’s all keep killing it together!

Also, THIS IS NOT A CLOSED GROUP OR A LADIES GROUP! IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR FITNESS GOALS PLEASE JOIN US! It doesn’t matter what your goals are or how you are going about reaching them, we are all just supporting, motivating, and inspiring each other. 

If any of you in addition to sharing your progress and results want to share actual progress pictures, please do! Send them to me at and I will post them on the Peach Body page!

Please Share! 

Have you had any new results lately?

What progress have you made so far?

How did you succeed?

How will you keep up the great work?!

Have a fabulous day Peaches!




7 thoughts on “DON”T STOP!!!

  1. Thank you for your encouragement Amanda 😊
    I’ve not weighed in yet but I am, in general, feeling wonderful! The improvement in my fitness over the week has been pretty good as I’ve been tracking it with my Map My Walk app. I’ve been trying hard to eat cleanly, with minimal carbs. My downfall is sweet stuff and I’ve allowed myself a nibble once in a while 😊
    But it really helps, having online support too 😚

    1. Ritu I had already planned on writing this post today and then when I read your comment hoped you would not think it was because of your chocolate haha! Treats are necessary here and there to keep you sane and on track.
      So glad you are feeling wonderful!!! You have been doing so good. I have loved reading your success with your food and MFP!

      1. Lol! No, I agree, a little of what you fancy does you good…as Long as you make sure it’s only a little ! 😅
        Thank you again 😚

  2. Angela, I can’t tell you how wonderful your blog has been for me. I have gotten so many great ideas from you and everyone that contributes here. It’s so wonderful to have this forum of like-minded individuals striving to better themselves. As you said, everyone is so motivating and it allows us to be accountable to each other, I love that.

    I was doing a Paleo type diet for a while, which made me feel good but I couldn’t lose any weight, I was eating about 100-120 grams of carbs. Then you introduced us to LCHF so I thought I would give it a try. Once I cut my carbs to below 50 grams I was able to lose weight. Another bonus is appetite and craving control. My clothes are fitting much better, which always feels good.

    Thank you Angela for keeping us accountable and motivated.

    1. Oh thank you Christine!!! I am so glad you like it! I love following you r keto journey. Plus, you are just such a sweet person. 🙂
      My favorite part of the LCHF diet is definitely the appetite control. It’s so nice to not feel ruled by food!!! It is awesome that you are now experiencing this as well.
      Have a great day! xoxox

  3. Oh Angela, I love your posts/stories ! You and the other ladies do motivate me to strive for a better me each day. Sure, I have my downfalls with snacks or drinks here and there. Every day has been a more productive day whether it is with more movement or with eating a bit healthier. I have limited the extra foods that I had gotten comfy with (cheese/crackers) and am trying to be very simple with it. Using the fit bit again does stimulate my lazy thoughts and gets me moving. I have not followed Denise Austins foods or exercise the past few days but I am moving with mowing, gardening and hikes. I have been going into work daily and it sets me back with time. I still have no wonder plan, just trying to adapt a wide range healthy food consumption. Weight is slowly going down. Hopeful the increased movement daily will kick it up.

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