TKP Fit Journal – 9/1/2016

Hey Peaches!

What a good day! I love new beginnings!!! Plus, I AM HERE! It’s September!!! The baby is due this month! YES! The light at the end of the tunnel.

September 1, 2016 – Volumetrics 

First day of Volumetrics went off with a hitch! Without a hitch? How does the saying go? Anyway, it went good.

Breakfast- 1 egg, 6 white scramble, apple
Snack- Chocolate Shakeology, 1.5 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk
Lunch- 6 oz tofu, broccoli, 2 tbs ranch yogurt dressing, apple
Snack- seaweed, 1 egg
Dinner- 4 oz chicken, Normandy blend, 2 tbs Avocado Salsa yogurt dressing (So good! First time trying this flavor! I need to be a rep for Bolthouse Farms. I am constantly talking them up on here.)

Volumetrics is all about filling up on a bunch of low calories foods so that you feel full and satisfied!

Exercise- ACTUAL Country Heat Workout…..Geez

So, sometimes I love myself because of my blondness. Remember how a I was so excited to try the Counrty Heat program?



Well, when I received the program. I saw the “Dance Mash-Up” and then opened the larger booklet and found the meal plan. I have been doing the 20 minute dance mash-up this whole time thinking it was all there was to Country Heat.


I just happened to look back over the meal plan last week and realized the front part of the booklet folded out REVEALING COUNTRY HEAT HAHA! There are 6 different workouts, each one having a breakdown of the dance moves that you can play beforehand if you want. I felt so stupid!!!


So this morning, I did”Country Swing” (32 minutes) and the extremely helpful breakdown before. It was sooooo much easier and super fun! I totally got into it when I knew the moves!

I could blame this on pregnancy brain. But I’m pretty sure this is just good ole Ang.


What did you eat today?

Any exercise?

When was the last time you missed something completely obvious? 

Please tell me I’m not alone here.


9 thoughts on “TKP Fit Journal – 9/1/2016”

  1. Good morning Amanda! Sounds like you had a good day!
    I’m always missing the obvious… as well as stating it too!!

    Breakfast -cereal and semi skimmed milk
    Lunch – chicken and pancetta lunch, removing the croutons. We were out😊
    Dinner -soup and crisp breads
    #snack – choc and 2 satsumas

    Exercise- walking around a shopping centre!

    I have signed up to Slimming world for 3 months so let’s see how that helps!!

  2. Good morning ladies. Too much sitting for me lately. I feel so weak and lack energy. Schedule has been waaaaayyyy off. Running here and there. But, at least I have nothing to eat when I am at the office. Lol ! I am covered with poison ivy…OMG!!!…this stuff is nasty !! I did a good deed of cleaning up a flower bed at the fairgrounds…well, stupid me had no idea I was messing around with some type of poison ivy or poison oak. UGH, want to cut my arms and legs off. 😝😜😪

    Ang, many times I miss the message, haha ! Then you look back and think, “what the heck was I thinking” or “why did I not see that”. And, I’m not blonde, haha ! I’m the person you tell a joke to and I don’t get it right away, I just laugh and then wonder all day what was the actual meaning of the joke.

    What is the little guy thinking about the baby coming any time ?? Is he helping prep her room ?

    September 1 foods:
    B. 3 small eggs, scrambled w/salsa, cilantro
    S. Raw almonds, a few raisins
    L. Chobani yogurt, almonds
    D. Salisbury steak 4/5 oz, cuc, tomato, Italian dressing
    S. 1/2 brown rice cake w/peanut butter and a smear jelly

    Sooooo craving yummy things…ice cream, baked goods, chocolate…thank goodness I have not been to the store because I know I would cave. I’m holding out as I know I will be enjoying the apple crisp at the fair. Mmmmm good. Fall is my “trigger”. Does anyone else crave baked goods in the fall ??

    I think I mentioned my friend in a posting. He had surgery on Tuesday to remove a tumor from his head. They could not get all of it as it had gotten into his brain. It was confirmed cancer (I do not know what type). Since surgery, he has not regained some motor skills. He can not feed himself and he can not speak. My heart just dies over this. He is such a great friend and stopped weekly to visit me during my cancer days. He has many other lesions throughout his body. Radiation will start soon. I do not see a good ending in this. Why is it always the good folk ??

    Enjoy and appreciate life. For the small issues that may rise are still just small issues, there is always someone battling a much bigger problem….so smile, appreciate your life, love yourself and those around you ❤️😀. And, with that being said…I’m eating ice cream and cake for breakfast…haha, just kidding !!! Because, I don’t have any in the house…or I would ! 😜

    1. Hello from Cracow Poland. What a beautiful mediaeval city. It is a UNESCO world heritage site. We have been running around trying to see all the sites, it’s exhausting! Forget about doing low carb here. We tried perogies for dinner, which were delicious, and then bought halva at one of the markets. This is made with sesame paste and lots of sugar. I hope all the walking will make up for it.

      Hope everyone is doing well.

    2. Ugh! How awful! Praying for your friend and his family. We really do have to cherish every day. Keep us posted on how he is doing.
      Lol! Even though eating ice cream and cake for breakfast is fun in the short term, the LONG term is no good!
      Hope you got through your weekend alright and that your poison ivy is cleared. I was covered in it when I was pregnant with Ryan….. Awful……I didn’t like pregnancy the first time either and that was just the best icing on the whole damn cake lol. Misery.
      Feel better Mary!

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