TKP Fit Journal – 9/5/2016

Hey Peaches!

Happy Labor Day!

No baby yet. 😦 But it’s any day now, I can feel it! Any guesses as to when Anna will make her arrival? I’m guessing Wednesday the 7th. πŸ™‚

September 5, 2016 – Volumetrics

Breakfast- 1 egg, 6 whites, apple
Snack- Choco Shakeoology, 2 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk
Snack- Apple, V8
Lunch- 6 oz tofu, Normandy blend, 2 tbs yogurt dressing
Dinner- 4 oz chicken, veggies, 2 tbs yogurt dressing, V8
Snack- apple, seaweed

Even though I am done with Flexitarian, I have totally developed a taste for tofu! Good thing too since I got a huge case of it from Costco last month haha.

Best Day Ever
Exercise- Country Heat, Country Swing! I feel like I can actually kinda dance now haha.


What did you eat today?

Any exercise?

Any hunches on when this baby is coming?Β 

Have a good one yall!

5 thoughts on “TKP Fit Journal – 9/5/2016”

  1. Hi Amanda… I was wondering whether she had arrived because I hadn’t heard much from you!!!

    Ok so I had my naughty days on the weekend for my birthday, but I’ve tried to be good the rest of the time!
    I was back to school yesterday too… Boo!

    Breakfast -fruit and yoghurt
    Lunch – grapes, salad with spinach leaves, cucumber and tomato ec with swimmers world friendly tuna and cottage cheese
    Dinner spaghetti with lamb mince Indian style style and steamed veg
    Snack – apple and wagon wheel choc. Glass of milk
    Drinks – water and herbal tea

    Exercise – I got a Fitbit for my birthday and have been enjoying using it. Yesterday at schoo, I did over 5000 steps extra so got home Andreas exhausted, so no extra exercise, but I habe been attempting at least 5 times a week on my bike!

    And weighed in today… Another 1.5lb loss!!! Yay!!!!

  2. Hello hellooooo…..nice reduction Ritu ! You go girl !!

    Angela, soon enough…you will welcome baby Anna into the world ! I say Thursday ???

    What a busy week/weekend. Lack of sleep, no eating schedule, lack of exercise. Hmm, I I thought the job would be good for me, lol !!!???

    Returning to “almost” normal . Can’t wait….I love love love normalcy !

    Eats for yesterday, September 6th:

    3 small eggs, scrambled w/cilantro, turmeric
    6 mini meatballs w/1 slice melted American cheese
    1 apple fritter ball
    3 oz cod filet seasoned with old bay seasoning, frozen green beans w/butter
    Small vanilla cone with sprinkles

    Ready to make a plan to shape up…both, foods and exercise. It’s time to get serious again and typically Fall places me back on schedule.

    Have a great day. And….good luck Angela if this shall be your day of labor πŸ‘ΆπŸΌπŸ˜€πŸ™

    1. Well there is still no baby so Thursday sounds good to me haha. I swear I am going to be pregnant forever. This has been the LONGEST last few weeks!!! I swear all time has stopped.
      Well your food sounds delicious. I am so ready to shape up too. Even when you are on track while pregnant, you are still pregnant none the less. I am now a Beachbody coach and I am SO READY to lead my first challenge group in October! I will have the baby OUT and be rip roaring ready to kick butt!
      Thank you for the lucky wishes. I am giving up that this baby is coming soon. Hopefully it won’t be past due though 😦
      Have a great evening Mary! Always good to hear from you!!!

  3. We arrived in a small town in the Polish mountains this evening and we are staying in some kind of chalet. The proprietor made us homemade beet soup and then crepes made with wild blueberries and a soft cheese that they made from the milk of their cow! It was delicious. At this rate, I will end up gaining weight. This place will be good for the soul, it’s so peaceful and quiet.
    I will predict that Angela will have the baby by Friday.
    Good luck Angela, wishing you an easy birthing. xoxo

    1. Oh wow! So amazing Christine!!! I am so jealous! You totally deserve this vacation, so happy that you get to do this!
      I’ll take Friday too! Fingers crossed. Thank you xoxox

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