TKP Fit Journal – 9/6&7/2016


Still no baby. Grrr. I give up. I am going to be a beached whale forever….

September 6&7, 2017 – Volumetrics

Breakfast- 1 egg, 6 whites, apple
Snack- Shakeology, 2 cups almond milk
Lunch- 4 oz chicken, broccoli, brown jasmine rice, 2 tbs avocado yogurt dressing
Snack- apple, seaweed
Dinner- 4 oz pork loin, veggies, 2 tbs yogurt dressing
Snack- apple, almond milk

Breakfast- Same as the 6th
Snack- Same as the 6th
Lunch- 4 oz pork loin, broccoli, 1/2 cup brown rice, 2 tbs yogurt dressing
Lunch #2- Grilled chicken salad from McDonalds, mustard
Dinner- Same as the 6th
Snack- apple, V8


Exercise- Giddy Up! Second dance in Country Heat Program. I will NEVER record myself doing this but just so you all know, a 9 month pregnant woman attempting a country line dancing workout is not pretty. It’s not. Pretty funny though!



What did you eat today?

Any exercise?

Have a great night Yall!

14 thoughts on “TKP Fit Journal – 9/6&7/2016”

  1. Haha ! I’m sure you looked cute as ever, YEE HAW momma ! Do you feel your baby girl has dropped ? Omg ! I just visioned your water breaking during your exercise dance, lol ! Sorry !

    Today’s eats:

    Seed bowl w/hemp, chia, flax, unsw coconut milk,fresh strawberries, cinnamon, unsw coconut flakes
    Mixed nuts w/dark choc pieces, small banana
    Greek yogurt, hemp, 1/2 Apple in chunks, a few raisins
    Nut crackers, about six
    Chicken, fajita style, onion, peppers, quinoa wrap, cucs, cherry tomatoes, Italian dressing, two ears corn on the cob w/butter
    2 two ingredient cookies. Banana, oats and choc chips. So technically three ingredient cookies😜

    The friend I had mentioned that has cancer has been diagnosed with stage IV melanoma. Does not seem too promising. I am beyond sad over this. He still has no ability to talk, walk or eat himself. Would have been retiring after the 20th this month. Life is not always fair πŸ˜ͺ

    Enjoy your life !!!!!

    1. Lol! Well, my water didn’t break but this morning I did swallow my spit wrong which sent me into a coughing fit. I straight up peed my pants during the dance video hahahaha! Good times!
      Food look FANTASTIC!!! I haven’t made those 2 ingredient cookies in forever.
      I have been praying for your friend. My heart just breaks for him and his family. I will continue praying. If anything, maybe he can just be at peace. We can’t give up hope though!

      1. Just finally reading this…OMG !!! A huge LOL !!! Thank you for your prayers. I cry every single day for him and give prayer that he find comfort.

  2. Bless you Amanda! She’ll be with you when she’s good and ready!!!

    Breakfast – fruit bowl then 2 egg omelette
    Lunch – grapes and chicken salad
    Dinner -couchette and carrot ‘vegetti’ with chicken and peppers in pesto
    Snack – biscuit, 2 satsuma so, one small choc
    Drinks – water

    No exercise as I have hurt my knee! 😒

    1. I know…. I just wish her idea of “good and ready” and my idea were the same time lol.
      Your food looks fantastic although I have to say I have never heard of your dinner or night time snack lol. Way to go! You are doing so good and your food looks awesome on IG. Very motivating!
      I am so sorry you are hurt! So frustrating as well as painful 😦
      Praying for a quick recovery xoxox

    2. Sorry to hear of your knee injury. Sending wishes for a quick recovery !! I’m hoping your success on weight loss will motivate me to get in gear !

  3. everything has its time baby have no hurry who make it all the best for you and baby, do noticeable themselves, each late day you increases the joy of God protection, and again all the best!, do also nervous that Papa,

  4. Good to finally have a quiet moment to myself and pop in on you guys πŸ™‚
    We’ve had family staying from out of province. So nice to have them….so nice to have my space back πŸ˜‰ only an evening to rest then off to the cottage to host 28 men for an annual golf tournament on Saturday. Its soooo much fun!!!
    I am the host so I have control over good clean seasonal fall veggies to go with the big juicy steaks, smokies, & burgers. Men are easy to prepare for they BBQ their own meat I just need to have some plate fillers
    Take Care Guys I’ll pop in when I have a free moment

    Get doing jumping jacks or something to loosen than little bundle Ang lol

    Xoxox to you Mary that dreaded “c” word keeps sneaking into all of our lives

    1. Hi Heather! So good to hear from you!!! I LOVE being the host too because I can make sure I have all the foods I like AND I don’t have to wear shoes lol.
      I agree about men, when Jason decides he wants to be healthy our grill gets a workout! Grilled food every night haha! Nothing wrong with that.
      Did a few jumping jacks this morning in hopes haha. Nothin. I wish I wasn’t so cozy lol.
      Talk soon when you get a minute! Have a great weekend Heather!!

    2. Hey Heather, nice to hear from you !!! I always worry that something happened when there is a void in communication. Glad to hear all is well with you πŸ˜€. Fall is on its way and that tends to slow life down a bit. Hopeful we will all join back in…..I certainly need the daily motivation and support !! It’s so ridiculous, I forgot that I had signed up for Denise Austins ten week eating plan…what the heck is with my mind. One day just fumbled into another and I stopped logging in !!??
      Yes, cancer is among us all. It reminds me that I SHOULD be taking better care of myself and also reminds me that I was lucky my case went as it did ! I give you all permission to give me a slap when you see me failing with foods and lack of exercise, lol !

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