TKP Fit Journal – 9/8/2016

Good morning and happy Friday!


This bump is outta control

September 8, 2016 – Volumetrics Day 4

I have to say Volumetrics is my favorite diet that I have tried so far. It’s so easy because you just fill up on a bunch of low calorie foods. I’m never hungry and as long as I keep an abundance of the foods from “Category 1”  around, I have no problem staying around my calorie range and never feel deprived. So far so good on Volumetrics!

Here is yesterday’s food!

Breakfast- Usual scramble, apple
Snack- Vegan chocolate Shakeology, 2 cups almond milk, seaweed
Lunch- 6 oz tofu, Normandy blend, 1/2 cup brown jasmine rice, 2 tbs yogurt dressing
Snack- apple, seaweed
Dinner- 4 oz pork loin, broccoli, 2 tbs yogurt dressing, apple, V8
Snack- apple, almond milk

Can you tell my latest craving is no doubt apples? HAS TO BE FUJI!

Exercise – Country Heat Giddy Up!


I committed to doing a Beachbody Health Bet for as much of this month as I could (since baby is coming). Even though Anna is due, I needed something to keep me on track. The past few months, if I don’t eat healthy and include some sort of exercise, I swell up like a tick! This Health Bet was just what I needed. I will be starting my own Challenge Group in October and can’t wait. Details to come!

How are all of you doing? I love seeing your food and exercise everyday. It really keeps me going. Some days it is SO HARD to do anything at all and then some days I feel pretty good. I can’t thank you enough for the motivation you ladies give.


How is your fitness lately? Any victories?

Whatcha eating?

Any exercise? 

Any fun plans for the weekend? 

Have a FANTASTIC Friday Peaches!

4 thoughts on “TKP Fit Journal – 9/8/2016”

  1. Lookin’ good girl! 😊👶🏼

    I love eating for volume with wholesome, good food too. Don’t you feel so fresh and good when you do?

    My fitness has been going well; trying to mix things up every now and then as I feel like I have been in somewhat of a plato.

    Plans for the weekend are to visit D.C., woohoo! 😄 Love all the variety of restaurants in D.C.

    1. Angela you still look gorgeous!
      We are still in the Polish mountain area and will be heading back to Cracow on Sunday and then back to Vienna by train. We are staying at a guest house and having homecooked breakfast and dinner. It is not low carb and I am feeling it. Oh well, at least we are doing tons of walking.
      The volumetrics diet sounds really good.

  2. Angela it won’t be long for you now!!!

    Ok, I will do Yesterday and today’s food!

    Breakfast – raspberries, blueberries and strawberries with yoghurt
    Lunch – chicken salad, yoghurt and grapes
    Dinner – Oh my, dinner was an apple, 2 clementines and two breakfast bars… don’t ask, but I ate at 10.30pm past night!
    Snacks – None!
    Drinks – water and herbal tea

    Breakfast – 2 egg omelette with tomatoes and spinach leaves
    Lunch – baked beans on wholemeal bread, an apple and yoghurt
    Dinner – Lil Man wanted to celebrate a successful first week at BIG school with his choice of food. It was Macdonalds. I checked my Slimming World guide and there was a dish I could have that was only 1.5 syns, we are allowed 5-15 syns a day. Grilled chicken and bacon salad with no dressing. and 2 clementines to start with.
    I had a little chocolate snack.
    Drinks – water and herbal tea (and a sip of the kids milkshake!

    Still no exercise on top of my usual rushing around because of my injured knee… OUCH!
    but I am over my target step goal every day, as told by my Fitbit! And being back at work, with my nursery children (3 year old) is a job that keeps you on your feet all day! Especially at the moment with crying happening, and lits of cuddles and reassurance!

    And this weekend is the usual school term weekend… a mix of kids clubs, and homework, but hopefully I am going to see Bad Moms with my friend as a birthday treat!!!

    Have a great one! 🙂

  3. Angela, honestly you have been one of the best looking pregnant gals ever !!! And, congrats on Baby Anna Kate !! She is beautiful !!

    Sorry I have been missing from the group…so busy with work and trying to get caught up…who thought this job thing was a good idea ??!! I’m sooooo behind here at home ! So tired !!

    So, exercise has been VERY LIMITED ! And, I sure do feel yuck !! Have to get back to a schedule. I have loss of muscle tone in a very bad way 😝😪

    I will post my food for yesterday, 9/12 to get me back up and on track

    2 scrambled eggs w/cilantro, ketchup
    Roasted chicken breast, sautéed veggies, 1/8 c mashed potatoes
    Raw cashews, raw almonds, a few raisins
    6 whole grain crackers
    Venison chili- (our home processed) ground venison, hot pepper, green peppers, garlic, onions, corn, sauce
    Greek yogurt w/4 strawberries, unsw coconut flakes

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