Life With 2 Kids, Volumetrics, Body After Baby, and My Love For Fall

*Note- I have been trying to finish this post for days now. I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors or things that just don’t make any sense haha. 

Hellooo Peaches!


Well there has certainly been some changes around here. I finally have a moment to catch you all up on what’s been going on!

Anna Kate

Anna Kate Teal was born at 10:37 pm on September 12, 2016. She is wonderful and beautiful and just perfect in every way. I feel like a big idiot for ever thinking that I couldn’t possibly love another child as much as I love Ryan. I am amazed at how much love my heart can hold. I love her just as much as Ryan and feel so blessed to have two beautiful children. Every morning since Ryan was born I have been in complete awe. I look at him and feel that I have my own personal Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls to view daily right in my own home. Now I have two Grand Canyons. I am amazed at God’s creation and master craftsmanship.


Life Lately

A WHIRLWIND! Anna will be 2 weeks old tomorrow and time has absolutely flown! We have had tons of visitors to see the baby which I have to say I find wonderful. I was so miserable the past few weeks of my pregnancy I pretty much stayed in my hole and only came out to go grocery shopping. It’s been so nice seeing everyone and catching up and just acting like a human being in general haha! Also, I feel amazing now so I have been buzzing around the house between Anna’s feedings getting all the things done that I was too lazy to do pregnant. Bending over is so easy! No acid reflux or feeling like I am going to bust! So between taking care of my 3 year old and baby, visitors, housework, and trying to sleep my day is full! I am not able to work out yet because it’s only been two weeks but I honestly feel like I am more active now than I ever was in my third trimester even with my workout haha! It feels so good to have energy and be able to move!


Volumetrics is the diet that I am currently on in my little adventure to try 12 diets in 12 months. I have to say this diet is really easy to stick too! I have been able to stick to it through my stay in the hospital and even with the chaos of newborn life. I don’t even watch calories or anything. I just make sure that every time I eat I choose low calorie things like chicken, eggs, egg whites, apples, veggies, almond milk and V8. I have been consistently losing and haven’t really had to think about my diet much. So I totally recommend Volumetrics for the new mom!

My Body 

Those of you who have children know how GLORIOUS you feel right after having a baby. Sure, you just gave birth, you’re still a little slow, but the lack of acid reflux, lethargy, and baby/fluid weight brings a feeling nothing short of ecstatic. I just want to hug myself everyday haha. I have a new beautiful baby in addition to my already beautiful child, I feel amazing, and IT”S FALL!!! My absolute favorite time of year! The coming of fall totally compounds all of my already awesome things happening in my life! YEEEEEEEE!!!

As far as weight goes, I have lost 24 pounds in 2 weeks which is pretty fantastic. The first 15 was in 3 days. So weird. But I still have 16 pounds to go before I reach my pre-pregnancy weight. That’s ok though! I know it’s strange but every time I have weight to lose there is a part of my that gets super excited. Like I have a lump of clay in front of me just waiting to be molded. It’s actually pretty cool!

I’m going to go ahead and share this because I have yet to see it anywhere on the internet. I KNOW some woman out there has to be experiencing the same thing. I keep seeing all these almost flat bellies on on Instagram just a week or even days post pregnancy. While I am glad for them (and envious), this was definitely NOT the case for me with either of my pregnancies. Here is the SLOW deflation of my bump so far. At 4 days postpartum I still looked a good 6 months pregnant. At Day 11 the bump was a good bit smaller but definitely still a bump. This morning was Day 14 postpartum and it’s a little smaller but I still have a good while to go before I have my pre-pregnancy tummy back. So, if this is your story, just know you are not alone.

Top left: 38 weeks pregnant. Top right: 4 days postpartum. Bottom left: 11 days postpartum. Bottom right: 14 days postpartum 


That’s pretty much what I have been up to in my “maternity leave” from TKP. I am so glad to be back! I have missed hearing from all of you and hope you are well. Please tell me what you have been up to and what’s been going on. How is fit life? Do you love fall as much as I do? How long did it take for your tummy to return to normal after your pregnancy?

Have a great day yall! 


What’s been going on? 

How is fit life?

Do you love fall? Not love fall?

How long did it take for your tummy to return to normal after pregnancy? 

11 thoughts on “Life With 2 Kids, Volumetrics, Body After Baby, and My Love For Fall”

  1. Angela, you look fantastic, things seem to be progressing nicely for you, 24 pounds in 2 weeks is awesome. Anna Kate is precious and I think she looks like Ryan.

    I got back from Europe on Friday night so I had the weekend to recuperate and do laundry. It’s always nice to come back home and get back into a routine. My diet was nowhere near low carb but I still lost 2 pounds. I was worried that I would gain weight because of all the carbs and sugar, but I guess all the walking burned it off.

    I am so glad fall is here, I also love this time of year. The weather is pleasant during the day but not too hot and cooler in the evenings making it nice for sleeping.

    1. Thanks Christine!!! Today I hit 25 lb. Yay!! It feels so good to get that extra weight off! I have a good bit to go of course.
      Yes! If you saw Ryan’s baby pictures it’s the SAME baby! I am so surprised that people see it though. I thought I was only seeing it because I’m the mom lol.
      I am so glad you had a great time is Europe!! I know what you mean though, it is so good to get back. I can’t believe you STILL lost 2 pounds!! That’s fantastic!! This happens to me on vacation to and I swear it is due to the lack of stress when you are on vacation. Maybe, who knows.
      What’s cool is not only did you lose 2 pounds, but now your body is all primed for MORE weight loss when you go low carb again because of your intake of carbs over vacation. Woot woot!!!
      I love that you all share my love for fall. I am about to do a “12 days of fitness” in honor of it. Like 12 days of Christmas only for fitness lol.
      So good to hear from your Christine! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Helloooo ladies !! I missed you all. Angela, you make me love life. When I read your postings, it just pulls me from any “doom” I may be feeling. You look great and you will be flat bellied soon enough. Your children are beautiful. I’m glad you found time to post. I know, that sounds selfish of me, haha ! I need to get back into being serious, lol ! Just had ice cream. Been craving it so much lately.

    Wow Christine, weight loss is always great but on vacation…even better ! Welcome home.

    So, eating has been off. Ate homemade mac n cheese and chili for the last two days. No greens, and a few ice creams. I’m up to the ole’ Mary habits. Got back to walk mowing. That was exhausting but felt great to do it.

    My Father landed back in hospital. Stayed for eight days. Difficulty breathing, fluid build up, afib, pneumonia, medicine reaction and landed in ICU for a few days. Stabilized blood pressure and Afib. All new medications which has caused more difficulties with vision.
    Always the message…..take care of yourself ! Which is why I should be exercising !! Life has slowed down on the work front. Will now get back to just a few hours twice a week. That means more time to get lifting those weights and floor exercises that HAD built some muscles.

    Love Fall, love Fall ! Much work with garden and leaf clean up but then all settles for the Winter months. I kind of like the calming days that will be ahead. I am really looking forward to it actually.

    Last question…my tummy has not returned pre pregnancy and that has been twenty one years. Blaaaaaaah !!

    Good evening keen peaches. I’m listening to the debate…UGH ! Before bed, this is not relaxing at all 😝

    Talk soon ladies.

    1. Thanks Mary. I have to say that I feel much better when I don’t eat grains so I am getting back on track.

      Sorry to hear about your father, it must be so stressful for you. Listen to your own message and make sure to take care of yourself during this stressful time.

    2. Aw Mary! That makes my day just reading your comment! How sweet are you? I missed you too!
      I am with you, I have been good since having the baby. Thankfully there has been no time to be bad! But I am ready to get serious and have been ready for a while. I will ask this in the post but should we move the fit posts to Facebook? Would that be easier for everyone? Do they even help? I love doing them and talking to you every day but I can’t seem to do a post everyday and I hate that it is only ME that gets to share pictures and stuff. If we move it to the TKP FB page, you all can post whenever you want and can share you pictures or just things that you find motivating etc. What do you think? I kinda think it will be more fun.
      Ugh. So sorry about your father. I hate that you all are going through such a rough time with this. When one person is suffering the whole family suffers 😦
      We WILL have prepregnancy tummies!!!! Or at least tummies we haven’t seen in a really long time haha. I have faith!
      Ugh. I watched the debate too….. boo. Just boo.
      Talk soon Mary!

  3. Amanda!
    You’re looking wonderful!!!
    You have been blessed with two little angels!!!
    I’m going 11 years post particular a day I’m not back to pre preg tummy lol!!!
    Been eating well…not so much extra exercise but my step count is pretty high each day!
    And I love autumn (not American! 😉) too!!!!

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