What Do You Think About This?

What Do You Think About This?

Hey Peaches!


What do you all think about moving the TKP Journal to The TKP Facebook Page? I’m thinking that way we can all post our food and exercise anytime we want and you all can be much more interactive on there. Instead of just me posting pictures and you all commenting, YOU can post pictures, share your success, and share neat things that you come across about fitness and nutrition! What do you think? Opinions please!

Love you all,



10 thoughts on “What Do You Think About This?

  1. I’ll miss you because I don’t do facebook. Cancelled my account about three years ago after a really bad breakup. It was just too easy to stalk and be stalked. 😦

    1. Don’t blame you there Christine! I was just talking about the food posts. I couldn’t seem to keep up with them and that way everyone could post whether I was in the ball or not lol. Plus I hate that I am the only one that gets to share anything other than comments. So if someone wants to share they can.
      But I love our chats on here and those will definitely continue! I hope you are settling back in from vacation! I meant to ask, are you low carbing again? If you had reached a plateau before I bet it will break because of the carbs from vacation 🤗

      1. Yes, I love the chats too. I am trying to get back to low carb but I am still eating more carbs than I want, I prefer to keep it less than 50 grams. It’s still a lot less than I was eating on vacation (ha, ha).

      2. You seemed to do so well under 50. I am going lower carb too but just under 150 for now. Plus a clean cheat meal each week. I guess that’s not really low carb but like you said it’s lower than before haha!

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