The 12 Days of Fitness!

Hello Friends!

It’s fall!!! And I am hugging myself every morning. I have a new baby, I have my energy back as well as the ability to bend over, Once Upon a Time and Dancing With the Stars are back on TV, and everywhere I look there is pumpkin spice everything. I am actually not a fan of pumpkin spice BUT when I see it I know that the air will soon be crisp and my favorite time of year is here!


So to celebrate, I am doing 12 Days of Fitness here on TKP. Kind of like the 12 Days of Christmas but for fitness, get it? πŸ™‚ It will be 12 steps toward feeling good this fall.

Starting Saturday October 1st, I will be sharing one easy step toward fitness each day. This will be fun. The first step is to simply daydream of a new and improved you!

I hope you follow along and maybe even take the steps. It’s only 12 days! Who doesn’t want to feel good in such a good season?

Tis the fitness season yall!



11 thoughts on “The 12 Days of Fitness!”

  1. Bring it on … I need the motivation πŸ˜€. And, hopeful the twelve days will push me into a regular schedule of activities. How is Ryan doing on his bike ? Such a reward when those training wheels come off and they just buzz around as if they have been doing it for years. You look wonderful and it’s great you have the mindset and energy to enjoy this time with the “big boy”.

    I love Fall as well. A breeze and the chill in the air is great.

    Today I actually had a home day. I took advantage of my time and did a much needed cleaning. Pets just create such a mess. Makes me crazy. Of course, my back always gives me a hard time so I end up feeling cranky. I just want to have a young persons capable body πŸ˜ͺ

    We decided upon joining family at our local bar/restaurant tonight. Probably not a good thing as it was pizza (thin crust, black olives, green peppers, meatball) and a few drinks. BUT, it was a great night with some big laughs and sometimes that is just more important than being good πŸ˜€…I did have a green smoothie for lunch though, so I did get in some good nutrition.

    Good evening all.

    1. Yay Mary!!! I think this will be fun!
      He is doing good. We got it for him for his third birthday last November and he can just now reach the peddles haha. Oh I remember when my training wheels came off my bike.I felt so gown up haha! I love helping Ryan with his bike, usually brings me to tears though. My baby is turning into a big boy….. πŸ˜₯
      Have you ever gone to a chiropractor? I’m sure you have seen someone about your back. Is there anything you can do about the pain. Back pain makes for such a bad day 😦
      So glad you got to get out and have some fun! I have been wanting a glass of wine so bad. I can actually have one now it’s just that I don’t get much sleep these days so I think it won’t make me feel any better. Sigh, one day. Enjoying these days with my babies though!
      Yay for green smoothie!
      Have a good day Mary! Hope your back feels better.

  2. Great idea Amanda! Since I got back to school, tiredness from running around after 40 wee kiddies, then coming home e and doing mummy duty with homework etc, before getting food ready, etc, means my fitness side of my plan has fallen by the wayside. I’m still eating well. But feel fad I can’t do the rest of the stuff I want to, but I just don’t have the time/energy!!!

    1. Thanks Ritu! I thought it would be fun! Ugh, I knew life was going to get hectic for you when school started again. Every time I saw a healthy meal posted on IG I thought “way to go Ritu!” πŸŽ‰ You are doing so good!

  3. Hey there all
    I’m messaging from Wisconsin this morning. We are on a one week golf vacation. Me & 5 men so food is steak, pizza, burger & beer focused lol. I’m craving veggies!!!
    I came along and ment up with a cat breeder. I have a new Devon Rex kitten today (4 months old) I’m looking forward to some fun with him.
    After 14 hrs of driving over the last couple days my legs are calling for a good walk and stretch busy busy lol
    Happy Fall

    1. Hello Heather, always great to hear from you πŸ˜€ ! I saw the pics, very cute. Enjoy the company. Could have shipped you my two, lol !! One is completely irritating me right at this very moment…UGH! He has been so needy lately and is very persistent. He has done such damage recently. We had closed our bedroom door during the nights we had the air conditioner on. We cannot keep him in the room because he is constantly jumping up on our headboard. So, he sits outside the door, scrapes and claws, meows and bangs into the door. The other cat has been pooping outside of his litter box for months now πŸ˜πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜. Love them though !! Haha 🐱

      Enjoy your vacation. Men vs women, isn’t it funny that there is a food preference ? I see it when we go out. It’s wings, burgers, hot stuff, beer. However, last night, I joined in with a “male” drink at our local bar. A shot of whiskey (well, two actually) followed by a shot of pickle juice. Have to say…pretty darn good !

      Safe travels Heather. Hope to chat more once we get settled into the new season. I think we all need motivation from each other. Like the old days. When our plans were a bit more functional. It seems life has changed for all a little bit. That happens.

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