12 Days of Fitness Day 1 – DREAM!

12 Days of Fitness Day 1 – DREAM!

Good Morning Peaches!!!

(To the tune of 12 Days of Christmas) On the first day of fitness The Keen Peach gave to MEEEEEE…..

She told me to sit and day dreeeeeeam….. haha 🙂


Day 1 – Dream!

Today is Saturday, not exactly the best day to jump into fitness right? Well, the truth is that any day is just as good as Monday but these 12 Days of Fitness are just 12 easy steps to a fitter life. So Saturday is the perfect day to begin! Today while you are hanging with your fam, out with your friends, or just relaxing at home, let your mind drift and dream about what life would be like if you were the best version of yourself. How would you live? What would you do with your day? How would things be different than they are now? How would you feel?

Jot these things down on a sheet of paper and save it for later. If you get a chance, share some of your dreams below! As you go about your day keep thinking about a new fitter, healthier you. Enjoy your Saturday Peaches! Then check back in tomorrow for Day 2 of The 12 Days of Fitness!


15 thoughts on “12 Days of Fitness Day 1 – DREAM!

  1. Oh to dream….
    I wouldn’t be tired all the time…
    I’d look in a mirror and see a healthy vision whose double chin is non existent…
    I’d find the time to exercise just a little every day…
    My kids would talk without arguing…
    My hubby would be in a job he loves…
    It’s all important.
    if the kids didn’t argue I’d feel more relaxed. If hubby was happy he’d be less stressed and we would be more chilled, and if I had more energy, I’d be able to exercise and lose that weight and tone up…. which would make a happier me!!!

    1. Well, the kids arguing and the husband’s job are unfortunately out of your control. BUT you can take care of yourself and have more energy and a better attitude to deal with it all. And you have been doing great!! It just takes time but you have been so consistent and one day soon you will notice all of the big changes that have been made. Keep up the great work Ritu!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Awe ! Give that precious little baby a hug from me. I cannot wait to hold the two babies that will be born into our family. One in December and one in March. Both little girls.

    Oh, I have been dreaming lately. I just need to push that dream into reality. I want so badly to be fit. I want so badly to take some pounds off. I want so badly to regain the stamina I once had. My life changed from the typical schedule to a new schedule. My part time job is yearly but becomes demanding from August 1st through mid September. That really kicks me out of a normal routine. Not to mention the weeks of helping out my parents during my Dads illnesses. It seems I am just getting back into the everyday “old” life of Mary. So, I do believe I will get back to a exercise regimen of some sort. I actually grabbed the hand weights and did twelve reps of a few different exercises. I had been walking by these weights every single day about twenty times a day. I finally just stopped and picked them up. That’s the only way one is going to get started !!! I also jogged back from my daily walk to our pond. It just felt right to do that. So, that is another indicator that I am ready. As I sit here, I can feel the “spare tire” that has creeped back on. It is uncomfortable and it drives me INSANE ! So, my dream today will be focused on how much I like when I DO NOT feel those bulges.

    Thank you for these twelve days. I really need them !! I’ve lost my desire to fuel with goodness. I am just fueling with anything that goes at the moment. We have been eating out lately and the choices are not always the best. Mexican seems to have been the choice last Friday for dinner and this Friday for lunch. Yup, a margarita goes with those meals as well. Now, who needs that ? It is just empty calories and unnecessary alcohol consumption. Last night I chose scallops and crab stuffed sole. A better choice but I’m sure a bit too much butter was in the stuffing.
    I need to get back to posting my foods. It does help. I guess I can and should journal.

    Have a great day all. Enjoy the weekend with family and friends or just make time to relax and enjoy some alone time. 😀😀😀

    1. I will! She’s so snuggly! So exciting your family have two babies in the near future! There is something special about a December baby (wink wink, December baby right here lol)
      Ugh. I am like that too! I swear everytime I start a new job I gain a ton of weight until I get used to the new way of life. I am terrible at, what’s the saying? Not roll with the punches. You know, staying on track no matter what life throws at you…. roll with the punches? Whatever it is I’m bad at it haha. Sounds like you schedule is returning to normal now right? I hope so! Great job getting some weights in!
      Let’s do the food postings! I am going to create a closed group on FB so that way we can post and all of Facebook won’t see what we are eating everyday. Just us 🙂 I will send you all the invite today. Have a good day Mary!

  3. No problem with step one…I’m on vacation lol
    I’m also looking forward to daily challenges. I trust you completely
    In my dreams I’m so proud of myself for following the challenge
    Make it a great day all

    1. Yes! Vacation certainly is a good time to dream 🙂
      I love that. I love the feeling of completely something I set out to do. Have a great day Heather and enjoy your vacation!

  4. Aw, you and the baby look so sweet together Angela. My dream is to age gracefully and to be healthy so that I can enjoy walking, dancing, travelling, etc. And I don’t want to be a burden on anyone.

    I kicked off the 12 days of fitness with a 2 hour Zumba Dance Party! It was so much fun, 12 instructors, DJ and a great turnout of dancers. It got really tough towards the end, but I stumbled through.

    1. Thank you Christine 🙂
      Great dreams, I want those things too.
      Fantastic way to start off the 12 days of fitness! How fun! I love those big classes like that. Way to hang in there and get through it!

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