12 Days Of Fitness – Day 3! Give It Your Best Shot

Happy Monday Yall!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. It was fun dreaming and sharing with you! Today let’s give it our best shot!


Day 4- Give It Your Best Shot

So today, we are going to take our list that we made yesterday and try our very best to simply do the things on it. We are totally winging it today, just making a conscious  effort to do the the things that you know make up a healthier lifestyle.

But it’s Monday! What about a plan? We aren’t prepared!

Thats ok! And that’s the point. Today will show us the things that we can easily include into our daily lives and the things that we need to plan out. Big changes happen with small attainable goals. Today we are identifying exactly what those small attainable goals should be!

Here is what I will be winging today…

  • Eat real food staying under 1600 calories
  • Country Heat workout
  • Drink 3 liters of water (between my 3 liters of coffee haha)
  • Walk around the block with my kids

Good luck Peaches! Happy winging! 🙂


9 thoughts on “12 Days Of Fitness – Day 3! Give It Your Best Shot”

  1. I had a busy day at work and had to work late, so there was no time for the gym but I still managed to wing it pretty well.

    – Brought real food to work for lunch and snacks
    – Took the stairs instead of the escalator
    – Had to walk for an off-site meeting
    – Downloaded a sleep app called Sleep Bot, it’s supposed to wake you up during a light sleep cycle so that you are not jolted awake during the deeper REM sleep (I will let you know how well it works)

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