12 Days of Fitness Day 5 – Learn!

Hey Yall!

Let’s take a break from writing today and learn something new. Knowledge really is power.

Day 5 – Learn Something New!


I still remember the first day my passion for fitness began which is crazy because that was Β over 20 years ago. My mom had this 80’s workout TAPE that I found and decided to try. I will never forget those women with their big hair, headbands, leotards, and leg warmers haha. I had not been very active as a kid so the workout was kind of hard but I felt so great afterward. The front of the tape had said “Lose two pounds in one workout!’ I weighed myself and sure enough! Down two pounds! The kicker was the “in ONE workout” though, I was disappointed to see that the number didn’t go down two pounds every time. For some reason though, I actually began to do the workout tape everyday and was amazed at the changes my body went through! My formerly fluffy body was becoming firmer and leaner. This made me want to see if I could eat healthier as well. This was back in the “fat free” craze so I began reading labels for fat grams. If it had zero fat, I ate it. If it had fat, I didn’t. I lost a ton of weight but I laugh when I think about how many people I told that I had lost weight eating Sugar Smacks and Fat free vanilla cappuccinos from gas stations haha! They were fat free!

Since then my fitness journey has has had high highs and low lows. I eventually figured out that Sugar Smacks and vanilla cappuccinos actually were not the best fuel for me activities. BUT you have to start somewhere. The list that you made on Sunday, don’t question it! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that list. The ladies that comment here everyday, most of us have been on our journey for a while. But if you are reading this blog, have never made an attempt at fitness and you made a list, whatever is on it is perfect because it is the beginning of your journey. You have to begin somewhere and then grow from there. I know now that Sugar Smacks and cappuccinos are not exactly a great diet, but back then all I new was that I was losing weight and felt so much better than I did before. Even though it was a big bowl of sugar cereal and a big cup of sugar, it was still betterΒ (sadly haha) than the way I had been eating! And that is all a fit life is, consistently doing better than you were before.

So, let’s all learn something new from each other today. Please share the things that have made the absolute biggest difference in your fitness journey so far. If you haven’t had that experience yet, share something that you read or heard and found interesting so that we can talk about it. πŸ™‚

I love to learn new things about fitness and nutrition and often overwhelm myself with too much information. Here are the things that so far have served me well through the years.

  • For the same amount of calories, real whole foods satisfy hunger way more than processed fake food.
  • Muscle is a miracle. Adding some muscle to your frame gives you an amazing body, you are able to burn more calories even when doing nothing, and you even heal faster from illness!
  • If someone asked me what the single most important thing to change is, I would say that would be to drastically reduce sugar.


What things that you have learned so far have been the biggest game changers in your fitness journey?

Have you read or heard anything interesting that you to share?

Do you remember the first day of your fitness journey?

I look forward to hearing what you have to share! This will be fun. πŸ™‚

16 thoughts on “12 Days of Fitness Day 5 – Learn!”

  1. This is great Angela. How do you have time to think and write, lol !! Love the pic πŸ˜€

    Hmm, too big of a question for me to answer right now because -I am tired. I just walked mowed two hours… Hills and valleys. And, boring ! Can’t say I thought about much. I tried but just kept realizing I was thinking of nothing, haha. I do have to say I caught myself singing blue Christmas in my head…where did that come from – its only October !?

    I share your thoughts about sugar. This is the season – Halloween – that I struggle with. One thing I have not turned back to is eating bags and bags of candy corn and those harvest candies. I refuse to do that ! Pure sugar…pure addition ! I used to consume them like they were a necessity in life, lol ! Like it was my job !! Jelly beans toooo!!! I know I feel so much better without sugar. Mentally as well. Boy, those ups and downs were crazy. Literally, I think it made me nuts when I ate like the average American. True story. I had so much depression. Since I cleaned up my act many years ago, I really can not claim to be depressed. YIPPEE !! That was one heck of a journey 😜. I know I have talked about this before. It was really a big part of my clean eating start. Remember Heather ??? I believe you even noticed a change in my personality. Sure, I can get a little hum drum now and then. But that is ok, it just makes me aware of how good I typically feel emotionally. Sadly, I have not been super duper clean. Many questionable items do appear from time to time. Alcohol being one and pizza crusts (I don’t include the toppings as being bad because if you choose veggies, that is good), a few times a month we will have a sandwich or grinder which sometimes is on a white roll. I don’t go to the extreme as I feel if you are typically 85/90 percent, you can allow the other items. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be Miss I Never Eat Anything that is not 100%, but, that is just too much stress to my life…and my husbands. Darn near pushed him crazy when I entered this whole style of eating so many years ago. He has joined in for the most part. Have I lost weight..not really (boo hoo). Well, I guess I cannot say that. I have lost and regained pounds. But, yes, I am still less than I was originally. It gets harder and harder. I may have the tamoxifen to blame on that, I’m not sure. If it is, I am at least grateful that it is not more.

    Huh, guess I was not so mentally and physically tired…as usual, I managed to chat up a bunch 😜

    I was never an athletic person. Disliked gym class and felt awkward doing any type of sport. I did join a karate class when I was a junior. Lost a bunch of weight. Teachers thought I had anorexia. I said, no, actually “I’m just doing something for exercise”! That was my first lesson. In my early twenties, I dabbled with the gym at the company I worked for. Went a few times but was just too embarrassed to work out with coworkers. Got involved with doing exercise tapes at home. Yup, big hair, leotards,belts(like you need a freakin belt with a leotard, right?), headbands. Jane Fonda. Oh, there was many…then I became a walker after I had my daughter. We would walk everywhere and anywhere. We would set off, pushing that stroller until she fussed. From there I just made walking a part of my life. Many many steps. Lost big weight again on the sidewalks of our neighboring town. I was also taking herbal supplements. I think they torched my nervous system. But, boy did I look good. Not going to say I felt good because I was a jittery mess. I’ve used a treadmill for years. That’s an on and off thing. I will use it again soon. I’ve always done my property maintenance. No longer the wood splitting because my back just does not cooperate. I miss feeling strong. I love to do strenuous work…such an accomplishment. Anyways, more recently, but a thing of the past at this point is weight lifting. Yes, that does, indeed, make you feel and look good. I loved the definition I had built. I loved how I was able to increase the weight. I need to get back with that. Once I start, I will do it most every day just like last time. I’m so angry that I just let all that I did go to waste. It was like six months of almost every single day. Started with Tosca Reno’s challenges and moved in from there. My body feels horrible now. Belly feels gross, butt feels gross, legs feel gross, arms feel gross. I am slowly building back up with the walk mowing that I have gotten back to doing. With the demand of my seasonal job and my parents health issues, I let things slide. And, it is far easier to become lazy … Jumping on the zero turn mower was far easier and quicker. I need to make goals. I want to really concentrate on becoming fit. We just purchased a lake house and I want to be able to enjoy the lake and the sun in a bathing suit. So, a big undertaking. I have LOTS of muscle to build. But, the vision or dream, if you will, of hanging out in cute (skirted) bathing suits, will be my focus ! I will hang my skirted bikini that I wore in Jamica back in July of 2014 and use that as a reminder I why I need to really need to be active daily.

    Geeze…sorry for the short story. I think I am just ready to become something different. Anyone else feel that way ? I’ve been just toying around and not being serious. I think it is time ! Thank you Angela πŸ˜‡.

    1. Thanks Mary! Haha, it’s just coming to me!. I wish that always happened. My inspirations seems to come in waves. I wish I felt super inspired to write something every single day…. :/
      You are like my husband! He loves candy corn and all of those type of candies. His favorite is Starburst lol. I am more into the brownie/cheesecake type of thing. I am with you on not cutting it out completely. I really think nothing is meant to be cut out completely. Every time I have done that whether it’s sugar, dairy, what not, I’M MISERABLE. I kid you not, I really think the mental aspect is huge. If you are miserable, you are not going to feel well and in turn not be as healthy! What do you think? In fact, all the times that I have been absolutely 100% dead on with diet and exercise have been the worst times of my life haha. Really! I totally agree that 10% of wiggle room is a must!
      I am with you on definitely wanting my body to become something different but I hate that you are beating yourself up so much. 😦 Sure, I can’t wait to get this post baby body back in shape but there is a part of me that is really excited about it all. I love starting with one thing and ending up with something amazing. I am with you, I think the challenges are where it’s at. I am going to be leading them every month. The first one is right after this 12 days of fitness. I’m calling it Make Your Dreams Come True challenge! I am so ready be back in the habit of working hard again! We have done this before Mary, we can do it again!
      Write a book anytime. It’s like you type the thoughts as the pop into your head. I love how genuine you are!

  2. OK so one thing I learned was to eat fruit first before your meal, not as an after, as it will digest quicker.

    I had to share the beauty of clean eating and my Slimming World journey as it has really helped me!

    This time round I know what kick started my journey… seeing my photo after we had a shoot with the whole family in May. My face looked so big I knew I had to do something! So I got walking, drank plenty of water and tried to step away from processed and takeaway food!

    1. Really?! I have never heard this! What did they say was the reason we want it to digest quicker?
      Yes!It has been so fun watching your journey! You have been doing so well even with going back to work AND being sick.
      That last side by side pic of you really showed all the hard work has paid off!

      1. Well fruit digests faster than.most other food but if you eat it after, it sits on top of your main meal, waiting to be digested and will turn into sugars and/or fat rather than energy. I think! I’ll check with my Pops ag5sin!!!

  3. I probably started my fitness journey around age 13. There was a show on TV called The 20 Minute Workout and the women were exactly as you described (brings back memories). The boys would watch it to see the sexy women with their pouty faces, ha ha.
    What has stuck with me on this journey is that you cannot out train a bad diet. Exercise has so many health benefits but it should not be used as means to lose weight. I agree that eating real food and cutting out poisonous sugar is the way to good health. There is so much information out there, it’s difficult to know what is right. I try to do as much research as I can and the real measure is how it works for me because everyone is different.
    A friend has recommended a book called “Younger Next Year for Women”. It talks about what you need to do live your best life as you age. My local library has it, so I will be picking up.

    1. Hahaha! Yes women and men definitely watch for different reasons.
      Oh my gosh! I can’t believe I didn’t put that one! SO IMPORTANT to know!!! Good one.
      I was just thinking this this morning! You read all the info, you experiment, but the real test is how it makes you feel.
      Cool! I will check that book out. I am so into Ibooks lately.
      Thanks Christine!

  4. Love this post!! So very on spot!
    I’ve learned:
    * It’s better to eat 5-6 smaller meals per day than 2-3 big ones.
    * Not eating enough will backfire – hinders weight loss and eventually forces muscle loss.
    * NEVER skip breakfast!
    * Drink water ALL DAY LONG…
    And last…
    * Processed foods are the devil

  5. Awesome post! The first days of my fitness journey were me walking around my block at 13 years old. I loved how I felt after a walk so they got longer and longer and here I am almost 30 years later and I still love fitness πŸ™‚

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