12 Days of Fitness Day 6 -From Dream to Goal

Good Morning!

Remember the lists of dreams you made on Saturday? It’s time to work toward making them come true.


Day 6 – Make Your Dreams Come True!

We are going to set a goal to ultimately get us to our dreams. The way we do this is to start with one dream and think about what it will  take to make it a reality. That’s all we are doing today. We are not overwhelming ourselves with all the other details. Today just choose one dream and write down what the first few steps to getting there would be.

For example, if your dream is to have more energy, you might write down “To have more energy, I must eat healthy, exercise daily, and get more sleep.”

If your dream is to like what you see in the mirror, you might write “to like what I see in the mirror, I need to first love myself as I am. Then I need to look at what and how much I am eating and how much exercise I am actually getting.”

State your dream and then jot down the first few steps to working toward it. Share what you come up with in the comments. If you can’t figure out how to even begin, share anyway so that we can help!

After you have written out the first few steps, set your goal. We are not thinking about how we will reach the goal yet (that’s tomorrow). Just set the goal and tune in tomorrow. 🙂


What is your dream you would like to come true first?

What are the first things that need to happen in order for that dream to come true?

What goal did you set?

7 thoughts on “12 Days of Fitness Day 6 -From Dream to Goal”

  1. I have been doing a lot of research lately on metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and diabetes. This has prompted me to get a glucose monitor and as I suspected, my fasting glucose readings are in the pre-diabetic range. This could be due in part to my recent vacation but after 2 weeks back from vacation, it’s still a little high. This can develop into type 2 diabetes down the road if I don’t address it now, so my goal is to get my blood sugar down. This can be achieved by eating low carb, doing regular exercise, managing stress, sleeping well, and occasional intermittent fasting. Easier said than done!

    1. Christine really?! No wonder you feel so good on low carb! It seems like after 2 weeks your blood sugar would be back to normal but what do I know. That will help so much having that blood sugar monitor! I know for me, actually SEEING that my blood sugar is up or down would make all the difference in me sticking to my plan. You have a great plan and I love that you included managing stress!
      Thank you for sharing Christine!

  2. Ok… so my dream I want to work on first is…
    that I’d look in a mirror and see a healthy vision whose double chin is non existent…
    To do this I need to to lose some more weight and fit in exercise!
    To be under 10 stone before christmas!

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