12 Days of Fitness Day 7 & 8- Devise a Fail Proof Plan

Good morning!

Wow! Here we are already on Day 7! Have you been having fun? I hope so. 🙂

Let’s take two days to devise our plan to make our dreams come true! Well, one dream anyway haha. The one you picked yesterday


Day 7 &8 – Devise A Fail Proof Plan! 

Obviously, you can make a plan any way you like, but if you are having trouble getting things going try using these steps.

Step 1) State your goal. 

I will use my goal as an example since I was going to tell it to you all anyway.

My goal is to lose 15 pounds by December 31, 2016.

Step 2) Ask yourself if your goal is attainable.

Is 15 pounds in 11 weeks attainable and realistic? Yep!

Step 3) What will it take to accomplish this goal?

In the case of my goal, I will need to consistently eat clean and stay within my calorie range for my height and weight. I will need to include 5 workouts in my week and make sure I am staying as active as I possibly can with the rest of my day.

Step 4) What needs to change in your life for you to make these things happen?

This is the most important step! Be COMPLETELY honest about what it will take to make these changes. We have to take this step very seriously so that we can move from hoping for our dream to happen to MAKING our dream happen.

Ask yourself what has been keeping you from living your dream up until now? For me, I know I do not have an issue with eating clean or working out. It’s the motivation I need to take my game up to the level I need it to be. I know that I need to constantly find new motivation so that I do not plateau. Also, with a new baby, I no longer have complete control over my day. I have to make sure that I make clean eating and exercise a priority so that it is sure to get done.

Step 4) Plan The Changes

The next step is to figure out how you will make these changes. Here is what I have come up with for my goal…


For motivation, I have become a Beachbody health coach! I am so excited to be helping others with their fitness journey as their coach! As a coach, I will be doing challenge groups every single month which will definitely keep things interesting and the cool thing is, when someone gets Shakeology or one of the fitness programs I get to be their coach and help them all the way to success and beyond! This is my calling, and I’m so pumped I can’t stand it.

Also, I depend on accountability from Mary, Christine, Ritu, Heather, and Susanne who share their journey on this blog almost everyday. We have also made a a closed group on Facebook that I love being a part of. If you are on Facebook and would like to join us, just let me know and I will add you! If not, no big deal, there is still lots going on here at TKP. 🙂

Step 5) Devise Your Fail Proof Plan!

Now, that you know your end point, you know what you have to do to get there, it is time to devise your fail proof plan! You may think you can just do this with no plan but I assure you the plan is a MUST! Even if you are totally motivated and ready to crush your fitness goals every single day……life is definitely NOT ready for you to crush anything. It will no doubt throw you unexpected curve balls all the time making staying consistent impossible. Staying consistent is CRUCIAL, so devise a plan!

Plan your goals to fit into your day NO MATTER WHAT. Make your plan detailed enough to where you do not need to think about what you need to do, but make it simple enough to where it is not overwhelming. On Monday, we discovered the things that we can do easily and the things that need to be included into a plan. Use your findings from that day to help you.

I know that motivation is my biggest obstacle. What is yours? Time? Energy? Lack of education? Figure out your obstacle so that you can break it down and move forward!

Here is my plan. Since I know lack of motivation is my biggest obstacle, I have made sure that I include things to keep me motivated throughout my day.


Goal- To Lose 15 pounds by December 31, 2016

Monday-Saturday: Eat clean staying below 1600 calories daily, Beachbody workout as soon as Anna goes to sleep after morning feeding (I can no longer use a time as my cue, babies do not keep time haha). Walk around the block with my kids in the afternoon or short workout if raining. 🙂

-To stay motivated, I will make sure to do my blog post and Beachbody Power Hour Monday-Friday right after my workout. I will lead MONTHLY challenges on this blog and social media. I will be an active part of the TKP Fit Community on Facebook daily. 

Sunday: Rest day, meal prep

Clean cheat meal ONCE per week 🙂

Good luck everyone! I can’t wait to see your goals and plans to get there! Please share below. If you need help coming up with your goal or plan just say so and we will all help! If you would like more in depth, one on one support on a fitness and meal plan, give me a shout at ateal@outlook.com. I’m a coach now after all and would love to be yours!

Do NOT get overwhelmed! We are in this together. This will be fun and is our chance to make our dreams come true. 🙂

Make sure to tune in Sunday for the next step. Day 8 of our 12 Days of Fitness!




13 thoughts on “12 Days of Fitness Day 7 & 8- Devise a Fail Proof Plan”

      1. it was delicious and no…I haven’t used the pressure cooker in a couple weeks. But Fall is here, so it’s time for soups and stews! 🙂

  1. Ever since I got back from vacation I am having a hard time getting back into my eating and exercise routine so I think I need this to get back on track.

    1. My goal is to get my fasting blood sugar down to 5.5 mmole/l or less, by the end of the year.
    2. I don’t know if it’s achievable in this time frame but I will give it a try.
    3. I need to keep my carbs down to 50 grams or less and include some intermittent fasting. I need to have a regular exercise program and move more throughout the day.
    4. Before my vacation I was so committed to a LCHF way of eating and a regular exercise program. I need to get that commitment back again. I also need to find new motivation to keep going and accountability is so important.
    5. I agree, planning is so important to success. My plan is get back to Body Pump classes twice a week and Zumba classes 3-4 times per week. I want to incorporate more Yoga/stretching sessions (You Tube has lots of options). Prepping food on Sundays has always been something that I do, so I will continue with that but I am getting bored with my food, so I need to try some new recipes. Some mornings I don’t feel hungry so I would skip breakfast, this is an easy way to incorporate intermittent fasting into my plan.

    Angela, thanks for providing the framework for this challenge. I think this is what I need to get my motivation back again.

    1. GREAT plan! Again, I have no clue but I would think that you would be able to get your blood sugar to those numbers by the end of the year. I’m with you on the workouts. To get to where I need to be it takes a lot more activityt than what I’ve been doing. But that’s ok, it feel good to stay active and I am finding I have more energy when I do.
      I’m so excited that you are doing this with me Christine! Thank you!!!

  2. Ok so I need to lose around 7lbs before Christmas.
    Attainable, but I need to lose them and KEEP them off!!!!
    This needs me to figure more exercise into my life!
    So I need to make time for me to exercise.
    Get that bike, or those exercise DVD’s out!!!

    1. Awesome! One thing I have to do to make sure the exercise gets in is plan a time and schedule it like an appointment. Now that I have the baby, “time” doesn’t exist so I use her feedings as my “time”. So I make sure to workout right after her first feeding if the day.
      You got this girl! We are in this together!

      1. And with me it’s finding time after school, after feeding kids, after homework, after kids bedtime… usually I’m shattered by then! But we’ll find time!!!! 😊

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