I QUIT!!!!!

I QUIT!!!!

I quit sugar. I can’t handle it. I fall completely off the wagon whenever I have it. And nothing good even comes from it! It tastes good while I am eating it but then I feel terrible for days afterward! I’m done. Done! I have been wanting to quit for a long time now but haven’t had enough faith in myself that I could do it. I do now.

No more processed sugar for me from this point forward.

This includes….

  • white sugar
  • brown sugar
  • raw sugar
  • coconut sugar
  • Any sugar that is in granular form!

So unless it’s natural sugar like in fruit or wine, I’m not consuming it. And yes, it’s about to be the holidays. I’ll survive.

That is all. Thank you.

12 thoughts on “I QUIT!!!!!”

  1. Sugar is so addictive, it’s terrible. For me, it’s better not to have any at all rather than indulging a little bit here and there. I also fall off the wagon after having sugar., it’s my achilles heel. After coming back from vacation, it took me a few weeks to get off sugar again and I am still working on getting my carb count down. As a result of this I have hit a plateau on my weight loss. I have not been able to lose an ounce since I came back from vacation just over a month ago. I dread the upcoming holiday season for this reason. I am with you on this one Angela, I want to set a goal to avoid sugar at least for the month of November. Come December, my resolve may crumble!

    1. Christine I feel the same way. It’s so addictive! It’s the only thing that I have absolutely no self control with. You remember I tried quitting just for a month over the summer and failed miserably. I keep thinking I can’t “quit” it because there will always be holidays and times when there is sugar around. Hello, that doesn’t mean I have to eat it! For goodness sake, we KNOW that it ages us, wrecks our teeth, makes us tired, and even feeds cancer! I feel like how I have been eating healthy most days and then pigging out on sugar for a day or two is the same as binge drinking or smoking once a week! Not good!
      I am so glad you are in this with me because you have been doing so good already. You are the perfect partner! Your goal for the month of November is perfect. I know I have to quit though. I tried once before to quit for the month and it didn’t work at all 😦 I feel like when I tried to quit smoking like a hundred times by cutting back. That never worked. I had to just quit for good. I wonder if it’s a personality thing…
      Anyway, let’s do it! There are tons of other things to enjoy in this world aside from sugar lol.
      Thanks Christine! xoxox

      1. Gingernut2017 you will NOT be sorry! I am still going strong in the no sugar department and I have not regretted this decision one time. You will feel amaxing! Good luck and congratulations on making the step!!!

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