5 Tips To Ensuring Your Pants Still Fit For New Years

5 Tips To Ensuring Your Pants Still Fit For New Years

Hi Peaches!

The holidays are here! This is no doubt my absolute favorite time of the year. I love crisp weather, sweaters and boots, shopping, Christmas decor, and enjoying time with family and friends. BUT along with enjoying time with family and friends comes loads of food. And not just any food, food on steroids. Everywhere you look there is creamy casseroles, sweet potatoes with extra sweetness, and cookies, cakes, and candies as far as the eye can see.

Now, by the title you may think that I am going to encourage you not to indulge in these things during your holiday but to try to stick to your guns and forgo the goodies. No way. If you WANT to indulge by all means indulge!!! I just have a few tips for those of us that want to stay the course this holiday or just do not want to fall off the wagon completely. So if you are in one of those categories, stay tuned for my 5 tips to ensuring you still fit into your pants come New Years.

My 5 Tips To Ensuring Your Pants Still Fit For New Years

1)ย Stand Firm!

I’ll go ahead and get the tough love out of the way first.

NEWSFLASH! Heres how many people care about you being in shape besides yourself…… ย 0

You can’t count on anyone else to lose your weight for you. You have to do it YOURSELF. And yourself is the one who is going to stay on track during the holidays. Do not expect anyone to accommodate you. If they do it’s a bonus, but most likely you will be faced with food pushed in your face and have to answer 1000 questions as to why you are not eating one of every dessert. Know this, expect this, prepare to stand firm. Explain that you have a certain goal and that you are going to meet it. Do not act like you are unhappy that you cannot indulge, this only invites more food pushing. Just be polite and stand firm. You are not the only one at the party, the food will get eaten. And remember, it’s one thing if you WANT to indulge, but don’t be guilted into eating something you don’t want to.

2) Plan Your Indulgence


If you do want to indulge a bit, decide in advance what that will be. Maybe you just want one plate of food with one dessert instead of taking five trips to fill up your plate and then spending the rest of the afternoon picking at the dessert table. Know how you will indulge and then stick to that. I like to have coffee after my meal as kind of a “sign off”. Just a little something to tell myself I am done eating. If you don’t like coffee, try tea or a mint.

3) Pack Some Extra Snacks



If your family gatherings are anything like mine, they last a whole lot longer than just lunch or dinner. If you are spending more than just a few hours somewhere it’s a good idea to pack some healthy snacks so that you don’t get stuck being hungry with only decadent foods around. I like to pack Greek yogurt, hard boiled eggs, and nuts.

4) Where Your Skinny Jeans

Or something that will show off your extended belly if you give into gorging yourself. If you are wearing a fitted shirt, you will think a lot more about how much you are eating simply because it will show! If you are wearing jeans and eat too much, you will know! Those things get tight! Nothing says “overindulged” like having to unbutton your pants. Oops.

5) Relax

This tip is for those of us who are on a role with weight loss. When you have been doing so good and actually making headway, it can be stressful to think about being faced with a lot of tempting foods and people pushing those tempting foods on you as well! Try to relax. If you stress yourself out about it all before even going to the gathering, I can tell you from experience you will just give in to the overwhelm and eat everything you see when you are actually there. Don’t stress, get a game plan before you go, do your best, and focus on the true meaning of the holidays. Faith, giving, family, and friends.

*Bonus Tip- If You End Up Having More Calories Than Planned, Use Them To Your Advantage!

If you end up having a little more fun than you thought you would, no problem! Use the calories to grow your lagging muscle group. Muscle needs a calorie surplus to grow so the day after indulging is the best time to workout with heavy weights! Looking to perk up a sagging booty? Do squats with heavy weights the day after your Thanksgiving feast.

So there you go! If you WANT to stay on track this holiday season, I hope you find these tips helpful (I feel that I need to keep emphasizing “want” because I by no means think that indulging is a bad thing!)

Have a wonderful, warm, and blessed holiday season everyone. ๐Ÿ™‚


Do you try to stay on track with diet and exercise over the holidays?

If so, what are some ways that you keep from overindulging?




Tis The Season To Be Sugarless

Tis The Season To Be Sugarless

Good morning Peaches!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! The holidays are here!!! I’m so excited……. and a little overwhelmed haha. We have A TON to do this season. It’s times like this that I am extra thankful to be a stay-at-home mom. We have 5 Christmas gatherings as well as some fun Christmas events here and there. I definitely plan on having fun and enjoying the holiday season BUT I also plan on staying on track with my diet and exercise……. and here’s how I’m going to do it.

I Quit Sugar and I AM Not Looking Back


I quit the junky kind of sugar the day before Halloween and haven’t had any since. I have to tell you I feel amazing and do not miss it in the least! No cookie, candy, or cake can top not having cravings all the time and not constantly having set backs in losing the baby weight. So no, I will not be eating any desserts over the holidays.

“But won’t the holidays be miserable then?”you ask. Believe it or not, there are still MANY many things to enjoy over the holidays besides sugary treats. Here are just a few…..

Enjoying friends and family, decorating, Christmas shopping, Christmas candles, giving, gifts, enjoying Christmas songs, caroling, writing Christmas cards, doing random acts of kindness, driving around looking at Christmas lights, cooking non sugary things, drinking seasonal coffee, ALL THE COFFEE!!!! Oh and Pinterest! Pinteresting the crap out of everything!

And another fun thing to do around the holidays is fitting into your pants. Always fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

As for exercise, I just get up, feed Anna, and press play. And that’s what I’m going to keep on doing.

Stay tuned for my run down of staying sugarless throughout our many Christmas events!

Tis the season to be sugarless!


Do you find it hard to stay healthy during the holiday season?






Good morning!!!

Today is Day 13 for me on The 21 Day Fix Extreme. Here’s an update!

21 Day Fix Extreme Update


Haha! The picture on the left is me attempting push ups. I still can’t do one proper push up! Then the right is me jumping around on plyo day. I am not going to lie to you, these workouts are for the advanced. Being as it is that I am just 2 months postpartum and did not do any intense workouts at all during my pregnancy, I definitely do NOT fall into the advanced category. I just do my best to get through the sets and that sure is enough and doing the job splendidly. I was SO SORE the first week but it felt so good to work hard and I thought of the soreness as a good thing because it meant my body was actually moving toward my goal! There are 6 workouts but one is yoga which is meant to be your active rest. They are laid out in the order you are supposed to do them on a “workout calendar”. You start with plyometrics on Monday, then do the Upper Fix, Pilates, Lower fix, Cardio Extreme, Dirty 30, and Yoga each day after. The longest workout is 35 minutes which I love because I do have a newborn and have to workout between feedings.

I find that though the workouts are difficult, the fact that I just get up and push play makes it easy to jump into them without even thinking about it. After almost two weeks of these workouts, I already feel somewhat like my pre-pregnancy self which is SUPER motivating. I would definitely recommend this program to someone looking to get in shape even if they are a beginner.

The incredible shrinking pooch!

Weight loss-ย 

I’m down 5 pounds since starting The 21 Day Fix Extreme! But I am mostly loving that the pooch is disappearing. THIS is sure motivating as well. I have a goal weight that I am shooting for and seeing the scale and my body move toward it is such a great feeling.

Easy To Follow?

I think so. I just get up, feed Anna, then when she goes to sleep I push play! Of course, nutrition is 80% of the weight loss equation so the fact that the program came with nutrition plan was amazing. There is no guess work. You just do what the plan says and get the results! I like it.

So there’s a quick update. How are you all doing with your progress and plans? Please share!

Hope it’s been a great start to the week!


Jason Paul Gosselaar, Still Sugarless, 21 Day Fix Extreme Update

Jason Paul Gosselaar, Still Sugarless, 21 Day Fix Extreme Update

Good Morning Peaches!!!

Wow! What an election!!! I was on the edge of my seat all night. Although I will not share my thoughts on the turn out, I will share this side by side of Mark Paul Gosselaar in Pitch and my Jason. I can’t believe how much they look alike!



Update on Life Sugarless and The 21 Day Fix Extreme

STILL SUGARLESS and loving life! I am a quitter haha! For real though, I have to just quit things that are addictive for me. Cutting back is just a waste of time.

But as I said before, I am only quitting the junkie sugar. I still enjoy my Greek yogurt, blueberries, and flaxseed bowl on a regular basis. ๐Ÿ™‚


The 21 Day Fix Extreme is amazing. I LOVE the workouts although I do feel like I have been hit by a Mack truck all the time. It feels good to work hard. Today is Day 7 and I am down 3 pounds. But I feel so firm! I don’t know if I really am but I’ll take it haha.


How are things going in your fit world?

Are you able to cut back on things? Or do you have to just quit?

Do you look like someone famous?

Have a great day yall!

For The Win!

For The Win!

Good Morning!!!

And happy Friday!

Friday’s For ย The Win!

Share your wins this week!

My win this week is that I QUIT SUGAR! I have also lost 2 more pounds and the measuring tape has moved yet again!!! Such a good feeling.

So this happened…..


I began The 21 Day Fix yesterday. For some reason I thought that the first workout was the lower body fix. It turned out to be Plyo Extreme haha. That was quite the surprise!

My legs are killing me today haha! Still, it felt so good to work hard.


What is your win for the week?

Do you like a hard workout?