Halloween Success!

Good morning!

And happy November! It was on November 1st, 4 years ago that my life was forever changed. I thank God everyday for letting me be Ryan’s mom.

Happy birthday to sweet, funny Ryan!!!


Words cannot express the love I have for this boy. These past 4 years have been nothing short of pure joy. But time please slow down!

Halloween Success!


As you know, I quit sugar on Saturday. If you are contemplating quitting sugar, I highly recommend doing so two days before the sugariest day of the year. It’s kind of like going for a run and tackling a massive hill 30 seconds into it, it’s the ultimate test of your strength haha!

Last night really wasn’t difficult though. I am so over the binges and set backs and feeling terrible. Whenever I look at candy now all I see are bad feelings! I did not eat any candy last night nor did I wish that I was. So no candy plus good feelings equals Halloween success!

Jason and Ryan on the other hand did eat the candy and had no bad feelings about it whatsoever haha.


Like I said before, someone’s gotta be the pioneer around here.

Have a great start to your month yall!

4 thoughts on “Halloween Success!”

  1. Aw, happy birthday to sweet Ryan. He is so lucky to have a mom like you and to be loved so much.

    Something that I have noticed, when I quit all forms of sugar before, i.e. all starchy carbs, and maintained a LCHF diet, my cravings went away and my appetite was in control. I had no trouble saying no to sweets. I don’t think my carbs are as low as they need to be and I have been having too many “cheats”. So I think I need to eat less carbs and more fat and cut out all forms of sugar. to get back to that place.

    I was successful today and walked right past all the leftover halloween candies at work. I heard some people say that they will bring in more tomorrow. That’s okay, those candies are poison so I don’t want any. Way to go with your success Angela!

    1. Aw thank you Christine!!!
      Thats awesome Christine!!! You did it, no Halloween candy!!! Way to go!!!
      I totally agree. The sugar that I quit for good is the white stuff, and I even say “granular stuff” because even though coconut sugar and other “healthier” sugars are supposed to be better, I still find myself not able to control my intake. I am keeping sugarless carbs like oatmeal, potatoes, and rice in my diet from time to time but I definitely can’t have these things everyday.
      So glad that yesterday was a success Christine!! Let’s make today another sugarless one!! It really does feel so much better. Night and day.

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