For The Win!

For The Win!

Good Morning!!!

And happy Friday!

Friday’s For  The Win!

Share your wins this week!

My win this week is that I QUIT SUGAR! I have also lost 2 more pounds and the measuring tape has moved yet again!!! Such a good feeling.

So this happened…..


I began The 21 Day Fix yesterday. For some reason I thought that the first workout was the lower body fix. It turned out to be Plyo Extreme haha. That was quite the surprise!

My legs are killing me today haha! Still, it felt so good to work hard.


What is your win for the week?

Do you like a hard workout?


6 thoughts on “For The Win!

  1. Way to go Angela! If I am feeling good, I like a hard workout and I like to push myself. If I am tired, or didn’t eat enough it’s a little harder to push the limits.

    I still have not lost any weight but I haven’t gained either. My win for this week is getting normal blood glucose numbers. I ran out of test strips and was not checking for a couple of weeks. I have been testing again for the last few of days and I was pleasantly surprised to see values in the normal range.

    1. Thanks Christine! You have always worked so hard! You’re always playing tennis or doing Zumba or body pump. You are awesome.
      Did you ever get your thyroid checked? I remember us talking about it but I can’t remember if you got it checked. Maybe if you don’t lose weight soon have it checked. I was just reading this thing that said a weight loss stall can last up to 5 WEEKS though so your weight still may change soon!
      So glad your glucose numbers are normal!!! Way to go!!!

      1. Thanks Angela. My last physical showed normal thyroid numbers, however, that doesn’t mean that they are in the optimal range, doctors don’t usually tell you this. I have noticed that I am eating a few more calories lately. It seems that when the weather changes and it gets colder, my appetite increases. I probably need to eat a little less and maybe exercise a little more. I actually played tennis today with my son and my nieces because it was warm and sunny. I can’t believe we are having 16 degree temperatures in November!

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