Good morning!!!

Today is Day 13 for me on The 21 Day Fix Extreme. Here’s an update!

21 Day Fix Extreme Update


Haha! The picture on the left is me attempting push ups. I still can’t do one proper push up! Then the right is me jumping around on plyo day. I am not going to lie to you, these workouts are for the advanced. Being as it is that I am just 2 months postpartum and did not do any intense workouts at all during my pregnancy, I definitely do NOT fall into the advanced category. I just do my best to get through the sets and that sure is enough and doing the job splendidly. I was SO SORE the first week but it felt so good to work hard and I thought of the soreness as a good thing because it meant my body was actually moving toward my goal! There are 6 workouts but one is yoga which is meant to be your active rest. They are laid out in the order you are supposed to do them on a “workout calendar”. You start with plyometrics on Monday, then do the Upper Fix, Pilates, Lower fix, Cardio Extreme, Dirty 30, and Yoga each day after. The longest workout is 35 minutes which I love because I do have a newborn and have to workout between feedings.

I find that though the workouts are difficult, the fact that I just get up and push play makes it easy to jump into them without even thinking about it. After almost two weeks of these workouts, I already feel somewhat like my pre-pregnancy self which is SUPER motivating. I would definitely recommend this program to someone looking to get in shape even if they are a beginner.

The incredible shrinking pooch!

Weight loss- 

I’m down 5 pounds since starting The 21 Day Fix Extreme! But I am mostly loving that the pooch is disappearing. THIS is sure motivating as well. I have a goal weight that I am shooting for and seeing the scale and my body move toward it is such a great feeling.

Easy To Follow?

I think so. I just get up, feed Anna, then when she goes to sleep I push play! Of course, nutrition is 80% of the weight loss equation so the fact that the program came with nutrition plan was amazing. There is no guess work. You just do what the plan says and get the results! I like it.

So there’s a quick update. How are you all doing with your progress and plans? Please share!

Hope it’s been a great start to the week!


4 thoughts on “Update!

  1. Whoa Angela, it looks like you are giving it your all in those pictures. You are getting great results with this program, way to go! I am still eating low carb but nowhere near values to get into ketosis. I am not eating any grains and find that I feel much better and my migraines have improved tremendously, I only get them occasionally now. Even though I still haven’t lost anymore weight, I feel so much better eating this way.

    1. Thanks Christine!!!
      When I was doing keto it was SO HARD to get into ketosis. I am so glad you are feeling better! A low carb diet feels so good. Even just not eating sugar, I feel so good and am able to keep from binging. I thought that I had hit a weight loss stall after I had the baby so I watched a bunch of videos on the topic. Basically weight loss is not linear. The whole “lose 2-3 pounds a week” looks more like lose nothing, lose nothing, lose two pounds, lose nothing, lose 3 pounds, lose 1 pound haha. It’s true! So your body may still be adjusting to low carb again.
      I hope you are having a great weekend!

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