Yet Another Update

Good morning Peaches!

I hope it’s still morning by the time I actually get this posted anyway. You have no idea how long I have been trying to get a blog post up! As I type, I hear my littlest squirming so this post too will no doubt be done in shifts. Oh well, #momofnewborn.


I am now returning to this post. I began at 7 am and it is now 10:40 am. See! Anyway, onto the update.

Anna and Ryan


I can’t believe Anna will be 3 months on the 12th! What a joy she has brought our family. I tell you what, I was in pure awe of Ryan when he was born and I am so glad that I got a girl this time because it is a completely different awe. I can’t explain it, this babyhood is so different yet still just as amazing as my first experience. My little grand canyons, I could just sit and stare at them all day.


BUT… my newest grand canyon likes to be held ALL THE TIME. So I can choose to hold her and have peace Β or go on doing things that need to be done while listening to screams the whole time. I do about half and half. Well, maybe 60/40. Maybe even 70/30…….

Anyway, hence the lack of blogging.

Still Sugarless!Β 


As you know, I quit sugar the day before Halloween of all days and have not had any junk in my life since. Let me tell you, I feel better than ever. So I am going to just keep going on doing what I am doing. Sugar free is the way to be! Haha!

Body After Baby

I can’t believe that I haven’t shared my results from The 21 Day Fix Extreme on here yet! They were amazing!I Lost 6 pounds and a whole bunch of inches in my waist, “belly”, hips, and thighs! I mean altogether of course but still! Not bad for 21 days.

I am now doing Insanity Max 30 and its crazy! The workouts are HARD but I’m hanging in there and it feels so good to get them done. I am down a few more pounds and inches too! If you are looking to get your butt kicked daily, Insanity Max 30 is your program! πŸ™‚



I LOVE this time of year. I absolutely love it. Look at these two. So many blessings to be thankful for. Decorating is taking us forever this year but it’s slowly getting done. I think our house is just so much more cozy when it’s decorated for Christmas. I giggle every morning. πŸ™‚

What Else?

It seems like my update is short even though I seem to have no time for anything. Between the new addition, the holidays, and just everyday things to do, I don’t have much room for anything else! Mostly, I am trying to just be present and enjoy these moments because I know they pass so quickly.


How are you all?

How is the holiday season going for you?

Any wins lately on the fitness front?

It’s so nice to finally catch up with you all! Hope to be back sooner than later.

PS- It is now afternoon. Good afternoon to you all πŸ˜‰

13 thoughts on “Yet Another Update”

  1. hey Peachy!!

    Happy Birthday Month!!!

    Thanks for the update, so glad to hear that you’re doing well with the sugarlessness.
    The kiddos are adorable and the trimmings look very festive!


  2. Beautiful…your decorated home, your family and of course you. Congrats on your progress. You look great. I didn’t know you were total sugar free…way to go ! Typically my sugar intake is low but my husbands aunt sends Godiva chocolates every year for Christmas. We got the box yesterday…I’ve eaten too many and boy oh boy was I wound from them. Bad feeling ! That made me stop, so…that was good.
    I’m measuring foods and I am beginning to think my body is somehow firming. Does protein do this? I have not gotten into exercise so something must be working ??? Got in a short snowy hike. Loved it. Otherwise, the day has been filled with decorating the house. I get a little crazy but it is my favorite time of year. Will be at hospital tomorrow and Friday. Dad getting defibulator. A sedentary day πŸ˜”. Stressful day on the office front. System hacked and files encrypted. WTH!
    Good evening…

    1. Thank you Mary!!!
      Yes I quit because I can quit eating it when I have it. I blogged about it on here but I didn’t share it on Facebook because I wasn’t sure if I could actually do it at first lol. But now I feel like it’s been forever. It’s just the junky sugar. I still have fruit and carbs and stuff. Just no cookies, candy, etc. And no things that contain sugar obviously like casseroles and such. I feel amazing! I highly recommend giving it a try!
      Protein does burn calories because it is harder for your body to break down. Not sure about the firming but if you feel firmer that is certainly a plus!
      As far as the weight stall, have you tried just keeping track of your calories for a day or so? Not just eyeballing but actually counting them? That way your will know if you are maybe going over without knowing it? Also I saw on Facebook that your calories were at 1500. That may be a little too much since you aren’t able to get the workouts in right now. One more thing is that I think your body may have gotten used to the daily activities that you are doing for exercise. This happened to me when I used to run. I was running 4-5 miles everyday but still had to keep my calories lower because my body had gotten used the running! Nasty trick haha. I think you should switch up your activity to shock your body a bit.
      I bet your home is BEAUTIFUL with the Christmas decor. You know how much I love your house! Please post a pic with the decorations!!!
      Ugh that’s terrible that you were hacked!!!
      I hope today is great Mary!

  3. Strong work!! Stay sugar-free!!!

    We are doing well too.. very busy but very happy to be losing weight consistently AND surviving the holidays sans migraines πŸ™‚

    I need to get back to running. I got pretty discouraged with the whole keto adaption thing, and I just felt like I wasn’t good at it anymore… I am going to start that Monday ( working overnights until then lol, it’s hard enough working nights lol).

    Merry Christmas!!! Beautiful kids!

    1. Thank you for all the sweet words Beth! I love being sugarless!
      Great job to you too! I hope your running went well. I hate running carbs or no carbs so I am amazed at anything you got done lol.
      Merry Christmas to you!!!

  4. Nice to hear about your latest updates Angela, love your pictures. Ryan and Anna are so cute together. I can’t believe how much Anna has grown already, she is such a doll (takes after her mother).

    Way to go with your health and fitness results, you are looking great. I have not been completely sugar free or very low carb lately, but still not going crazy or anything. I continue to maintain my weight, which is okay, especially at this time of year. I will look at changing things up in the New Year.

    1. Thank you Christine! xoxox
      Thank you again! Good for you for hanging in there through the holidays. I tell you what, this time of year maintaining is a definite win! Any new years resolutions? I love them!
      Hope you are having a wonderful season Christine!

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