Update: Blogging On My Pixel

Good morning!!!

I just wanted to pop in and give yet another update. I have already NOT blogged as much as I planned to in 2017 (thankfully we are only 5 days in). The reason is because I switched from the iPhone to the Google Pixel and, being the technical genius that I am, can’t figure out how to get pictures from my phone to my computer haha. Let me first say that I LOVE the Pixel!!! This phone is amazing!!!  BUT if you decide to leave the iworld, be prepared for several initial inconveniences in making the switch.

So until I have time to sit down and really figure everything out I am blogging on said Pixel. Here is a short and sweet update on life in Peachville.

Still Sugarless?


Yes I am!!! If you are just tuning in, I quit sugar (the junky kind) on October 30th. Still going strong! I have not regretted it one time and I feel amazing. Don’t forget though, I did NOT quit wine or beer. Those are pretty much my cheats. And I do those well haha.




I am down 41 pounds from my pregnancy!!! Woot woot! And so many inches! I keep forgetting to go back and check what my starting measurements were but I am down a good bit. I am still rocking Insanity Max 30 (60 day program) and still drinking my Shakeology everyday. I cannot believe what a difference having my nutritional needs met has made. I didn’t even realize I was deficient in anything until I wasn’t. Now I can’t go back because I feel like I am back k in my teens. Now if I could only EAT like I did in my teens haha.5 bananas for a snack…….



Wook at Anna. She is getting so big! She will be 4 months on the 12th! Time slow down! And Ryan starts Pre-K this year. I can’t think about it or I’ll cry.  The Teal can had an amazing Christmas. SO SO BUSY though. I am sad to see it end but I am glad to get my footing again.

Well since I am punching out this post on my phone, I will stop here. I hope you all are having a fantastic start to your 2017! Fill me in on how things are going.


How is your 2017 so far?

How is your resolution going? It’s always OK to start again!

By y’all!


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