Home Workouts Vs. Gym Workouts

Hi Yall!

If you began following my blog anytime before I was pregnant with Anna, you know that I was definitely a textbook gym rat.

Then I became a Beachbody coach back in August and have been rocking it at home ever since. I started with Beachbody’s Country Heat during the third trimester of my pregnancy, then did 21 Day Fix Extreme, and now I am almost done with Insanity Max 30.

In today’s post, I am sharing my experience with my home workouts vs the gym days. After reading, please chime in and share your experience and which one you prefer!

Overall Enjoyment


Although I don’t always enjoy the actual act of some exercises (ahem, plyo lunges), I have always enjoyed working out and the lifestyle there of. I have to say, it’s a tie between the gym and home workout here for me! I loved the gym’s weight room and loved to go and let out all my frustrations on the iron. But I am having a lot of fun and am loving what I am achieving in the home workouts too! My cardiovascular endurance is the best it has been in years actually, even since August. My agility and flexibility has grown leaps and bounds! I didn’t realize how lifting had made me so blocky and stiff even though I was in great shape. I am also loving maxing out. It just feel good to work hard. That stuff should probably go under the “results” section of this post. I kinda chased a rabbit there….. moving on.


Aw, little Ryan. Anna was just a glimmer in our eye.

Home workout definitely wins here. With diving time, cardio, and lifting, I was spending no less than 3 HOURS of my day driving to the gym and working out. Last time I checked, I was the one in my home who cooks, cleans, does the laundry, runs errands, takes care of the kids, writes this blog, etc. etc. etc. I have no maidens! (all of you Proverbs 31 fans). So three hours out of my day was kinda taking away from other things that needed to be done. And by kinda, I mean totally. Now I just feed Anna and head to the basement! I’m done in 30 minutes! Sweet!


I have gotten great results from both the gym and the DVD’s. I am one to love a muscular build so I was totally down with my more muscly look before I got pregnant with Anna (I say “before I got pregnant with Anna” because I decided to take a much needed break during my pregnancy). BUT now after 21 Day Fix and Insanity Max 30, I have to say I really like the smaller build! My legs are 2 inches smaller in EACH than they have been since I got married 6 and 1/2 years ago. I know it’s because now I am doing lighter weight and body weight exercises and not lifting huge amounts of weight. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE lifting. But aside from loving the smaller build, it feels good to not be carrying around as much on my body. So for now I like the home workout results best.

Social Aspect 


Although I have pretty much always been a loner in the gym (except for my one awesome gym buddy Becca. Remember her?! Love you Becca!) I have always found the gym to be a great place to meet people of a like mind. Obviously working out at home I don’t have the motivation of a bunch of hardworking people around me. BUT coaching has actually proven to be better than the gym. I have my awesome team of women who are all super committed and super excited about Beachbody and I DON’T have the creepy gym guy haha. We all know that guy. So I haven’t at all felt isolated. In fact, I have never before felt more a part of something. And my team, Race2Serve actually puts focus on the Lord which you all know is very important to me. So I guess the home workout wins again here. I can’t wait to start my own team soon!

Effect On Daily Life


This is a big one and the home workout wins by far. As much as I love lifting, I WAS SPENT for the rest of the day after my workouts, especially leg day. Hey, I got kids!!! I can’t be spent! Then I had this RAGING hunger all the time! I could seriously eat and eat and eat!!!! Now that I am doing workouts with lighter weights and more cardio, I don’t have this raging hunger anymore and because of this, it is easier to stick to a meal plan. Also, when I first signed up to Beachbody, I got Shakeology with my challenge pack. I didn’t realize that I was lacking in any nutrients until I experienced the boost from NOT being deficient! It’s pretty pricey but it’s got so much feel good stuff in it. At first, I thought it was like the other meal replacements that I have tried before but when I compared the labels it’s completely different. I no longer have to take vitamins, and because it’s a meal, I figure it is just the cost of whatever I would have been eating instead.

So although gym life was awesome, the home workouts are definitely where it’s at in this season of my life.


Which do you prefer, working out at home or in the gym?

Please share!




24 thoughts on “Home Workouts Vs. Gym Workouts”

  1. It’s been so much time since I went to the gym! I did enjoy it but the convenience of home work outs… as a mum… so great!
    Saying that I am attempting g a dance classes from.nexy week.
    Convenience still as it’s in the same place and at the same time as the kids drum lessons!!!

  2. I absolutely LOVE doing my 21 day fix workouts at home. I get bored at the gym because I grow tired of the machines (I’m picky about classes). But being a teacher (on a teacher budget), I enjoy working out right after school with one of my coworkers so then I can come home and relax knowing my workout is done and over!!

  3. I vote home. Can wear what you want and look a crazy as you need tooooo…as I crawl across the floor to retrieve my iPad. Most always it is too hard for me to get right up off the ground due to my 48 year old back 😪.

    I’m glad you reflected on your body difference between cardio/light lifting to heavy lifting. I am no means fit and trim but when I get into my exercise routines, my calves build and actually make my pants fit very tightly in that area. Not really my goal, however, I do like the muscle look.

    1. Yes! Lol! And can easily change if we set our pants 😂😂😂
      You have an awesome gym!!!
      And yes, while it is true that if a woman lifts heavy weights she will never end up like Mr Olympia, heavy lifting WILL add mass unless you are constantly at a calorie decrease.
      Especially if you are the body type to gain muscle easily.

  4. I’m on the fence! Lol I like both! I like my home for the simplicity of running down the stairs at 5:30 am. However, if one of the kids wakes before I’m done I kinda give up. I’m an all or nothing kinda girl and I just can’t give it my all when they are moving things around and I’m afraid I’m going to smoke them in the head!! Lol (I don’t do videos just a home gym,but still.). I love that it’s affordable and simple. Down side….. I SEE LAUNDRY!! I simply can’t focus when I see laundry and Christmas decorations and ironing to do.

    Then I love the gym or yoga studio. It’s away from the house and I can focus. My house is kinda like a department store. (Which I despise) their is lots of different things to choose to do. A gym or studio is place for one thing and one thing only. Work outs! Also, I work from home so it’s nice to be out and around people, even if I have head phones in. Down side, expensive and time consuming.
    Long story short. I like both and I’m currently doing both:-) I rejoined the yoga studio I like, I rejoined the gym and I work out at home. Two days a week each. I just bought a punch card for the gym to keep the cost down if I don’t keep it up. (Here in Canada gym memberships are crazy expensive😂)

    Oh and I totally agree with Angela burnout leg workouts makes me ravenous!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. Well you do have to be on the fence because you have the best of both worlds! You can workout at home with your trainer some days and then get out of the house for yoga some days. Win win!
      So glad I’m not the only one who wants to eat there house after leg day 😂

  5. great post, Peachy.

    I’ve tried the gyms and the heavy lifting and the bodypump classes in the past, but I’m not really a big fan of the gym anymore. it works for some people, but not so much for me.

    Recently, I’ve been considering Insanity Max but I’m hesitant because I live on the second floor of an apartment building and after previewing a couple workouts, I came to realize that at some point in the future I just might fall through the floor. 🙂

    Lol…how much of a shock would that be to the people living below me!

    Do you know of any good home workout videos for people, like myself, who live in second floor apartments?

    I’d like to build strength, but I also want to maintain a healthy balance of cardio and nutrition, so I plan to start running again pretty soon. (I know…I know…I planned to lose a lot of weight by Christmas, and that sorta, kinda didn’t happen.)

    Any ideas would be helpful.

      1. I know, right!?? lol… can you imagine that happening!?

        To answer your question, I have about 3 hours in which I can work out during the day. However, on weekends I have an unlimited amount of time.

      2. Lol! Oh wow! 3 hours is amazing!
        Ok well, the only at-home stuff I have done are The Firm, which is pretty girly but hey, there’s not too much jumping and it’s still a good workout lol! And then these Beachbody ones. There’s jumping in pretty much all of them except for Piyo which is a yoga inspired workout. I think you would really like Hammer and Chisel but it does require a bench, a pull up bar, bands, and some dumbbells. But 21 Day Fix Extreme, even thought it is a female instructor, there are lots of males on the video and it is a FANTASTIC workout for anyone. You just need a few dumbbells and some resistance bands. There is some jumping in both of those programs but not as much as Insanity. Good luck friend! If you find another workout somewhere that is a good workout and you won’t fall through your floor please share! Lol!!!

  6. I love going to the gym, especially the classes. I just can’t motivate myself enough to push hard through a routine at home. Although I do some stretching/yoga routines at home. I have been doing Body Pump which is a 1 hour weight lifting class and I find when I am in a class like this I push harder (I think everyone is looking at me if I slack off, but of course nobody is). And then there is the Zumba classes, they are so much fun, it’s like a dance party.

    BTW, I love the picture of you and Anna, she looks so much like you, so cute!

    1. That body pump class is SO GOOD. It’s a great class to break people into weightlifting who may have not known where to begin. And that class gets results! So glad you love it! And I know what you mean about pushing yourself. Even though I’m doing a video instead of a class, I still push myself harder than I would if it was just me. Especially when it comes to cardio lol.
      Oh thank you!!! People have been telling me lately that she looks like me and I love it!
      Have you been doing well Christine? I hope you have. 🙂

  7. Such a great post! This whole post sounds like it was written about me!!! I used to be a beachbody junky and loved all of their workouts. I would still go to the gym and lift light weights but high reps so I was long & lean. Then I met my hubby who was training for a bodybuilding show when we met, so I switched gears and became a heavy weights addict. It completely changed my frame and I got SO big. Now that I can’t bodybuild anymore because of an injury I am reverting back to how I was before. I enjoy the leaner look on my body. I’ve been doing a mix of home & gym workouts and absolutely love it.
    How did you like the 21 day food containers?

    1. Hey! Wow! So our lives are pretty much reversed. I started out with heavy lifting and now Beachbody and you started with Beachbody and then went to heavy lifting….. and then back again lol. That’s amazing!
      And I agree. I didn’t mind the muscle so much before because I loved lifting so much but I definitely like the way I feel now and I am SO much more flexible! I really missed that before. 😦
      So good to hear from you! Thank you for your comment!

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