The Nitty Gritty

Happy Saturday Peaches!

I am currently blogging with one hand and feeding Anna with the other so who knows when you will actually see this. But today I want to dive into the process with you all. The nitty gritty of the journey…

I am one to love social media and my favorite in particular is Instagram.


And I am now falling in love with Snapchat thanks to my friend Angela Rogers who introduced me to it a few weeks ago.

I love to follow people that I find inspiring on Instagram, BUT I know that this picture that I see is not the whole story! Even when there is a story attached, I am not fooled. I know that behind that pic is a real person doing real life things. We see the results and the smiles, but what we don’t see is the struggle and it is easy to be fooled into thinking the process was all fun and games.

So today, I am going to share with you my real life things. On Monday, I will finish Insanity Max 30 and then I will share with you my results from this 60 day program. It hasn’t been too difficult because my mind is set on my goal and I know that the process of achieving it isn’t an easy one. But, if your mind isn’t set on your goal, and you have not prepared yourself to push through discomfort, you will be caught off guard and likely give up. So here is a peak into how my weight loss journey has played out the past 3 months.

  • When I first started Insanity Max 30, I couldn’t do ANY of the exercises the way they were doing them. I had to modify EVERYTHING. I couldn’t do one push-up and I couldn’t do any of the jumping exercises.
  • When I first got back into working out after having Anna, my weight didn’t change for over A MONTH even though my eating was almost perfect and I was totally getting my butt kicked in my work-outs.
  • Some days I am so tired I can hardly see but I know if I don’t exercise during Anna’s morning nap, there will not be another chance.
  • I still can’t do some of the exercises on Insanity Max 30.
  • Some weeks, my weight won’t change at all.
  • My basement is where I workout. It is REALLY messy and REALLY dirty. I touch the floor with my hands and even my whole body. I feel really disgusting when I’m done haha.
  • Sometimes I have to stop in the middle of the workout to take care of Anna and then go back and do the rest.
  • I pee my pants during every workout.

So the whole thing is pretty messy………. But don’t lose heart!

At the same time…..

  • It feels so good to work hard!
  • It feels so good to move!
  • It feels so good to get closer and closer to my goal!!!
  • It feels good to know that I am making my myself healthier each day!
  • It feels so good make healthy choices instead of giving into bad ones all the time!
  • It feels so good to know that these are things that will help me in old age as well as now.
  • It feels so good to be on the other side of “I am going to…..”
  • It feels so good to find out that I can do more than I thought!
  • It feels so good to be DOING.

So if you are making a change or beginning a new program on Monday, get your head in the game first! It’s a long road but a rewarding one for sure!


What is a discomfort you experience in your journey and how do you push through it?


7 thoughts on “The Nitty Gritty”

  1. You’re right. There are always struggles and it’s easy to show the perfect end result… but if others don’t see the effort and the struggles, then they feel worse because they are going through the same struggles you may have, but they just don’t know it!

  2. Between having a full workload at my 9-5 job, two part time businesses, an active 11 year old and two bad knees and a bad back, I struggle every time I work out! But I do it because I want to live life to the fullest. I want to have energy to enjoy my friends and family and travel and laugh and love. I don’t want to struggle to breathe if we are on a cool adventure. I think about seeing my grand babies one day (way way down the road) These things keep me pushing through my struggles.

  3. Oh I can write a whole entire page about this…I will spare you all 😀.
    There is nothing more that I want, well, then to remain cancer free and with no other major ailments, but to have a “decent” body. At 48, I no longer want the struggle to fit into a pair of jeans that I look like $— in or to have rolls and rolls dropping of my body. I want to slip into those jeans, throw on a fitted shirt and rock the outfit with grace and pride ! I have worked out for many years. I have jogged, hiked, videos, walked. I have dieted, I have used those quick slimming herbs. I have only once sported the body I would love to have. Unfortunate to say, that body was built during a very tough time in my life. You know, the weight loss that is achieved when you are going through a life destructive time. Personal struggles and whatnot. Without getting into the whole story…that body lasted for about two years, life then began to get back on track and my weight went back to the normal up and down. I have struggled all my life. I will always struggle. That is just what my body offers me. So, thanks to all of you who keep me motivated, I have kept up with challenges and with 21 day fix. Have I missed days? Yes. Have I eaten a few bad items? Yes. But do I let that happen daily ? NO. And that is the winning answer right now for me. My body has changed. My scale has reflected loss. Is it a struggle ? Heck yeah !! Every single step, every single floor exercise, every single movement comes with a struggle. Most often I can hardly get up off the floor. This is because of that bulging disk, sore shoulder, Achilles’ tendon, sore wrists, crackling neck…on and on and on. Truth is my body feels sooooo much better or pain free when I don’t exercise and that certainly has a mental effect on my thought of doing so. I know I will be making changes when I hit the floor, jump on the tread or grab those barbells. So, I do, I have and I will continue so I can feel mentally sound on the fact that I am trying to get where I would like to be. Exercise is important and there is no reason other than be being lazy that it can’t be part of my every day. Yes, life events happen sometimes to put a damper on your scheduled days. I found this out when I was helping my parents with their medical needs. Over 40 days in the hospital. That was many many hours of sitting for me and many hours that took away from me. Actually, that has helped me with mindset of-I had better get my exercising done just incase I get the call that I am needed. Like you said Ang, if you don’t workout when the baby is sleeping, it doesn’t get done. Good day ladies, off to work. Enjoy your day 😀.

    1. Ugh. I hear ya! The skinniest I have ever been was under intense stress! People kept asking me how I got into such great shape. I told them I was drinking, smoking, and worrying daily. Lol!!!
      You have such a great lifestyle Mary! You beat yourselves up sometimes but you really are an inspiration. 💗

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