30 Day Chisel: Prep Day

30 Day Chisel: Prep Day

Good evening!

Tomorrow I will be starting Day 1 of the 30 Day Chisel Plan! So today I had to prep for it of course. We’ve all heard it…..

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Womp, womp, womp haha.

So First I made my list, and then we were off to the grocery store!


Does anyone else love to grocery shop? I do, but most of my friends absolutely hate it. I love looking through every isle or the grocery store and I pretty much always get a fancy drink.



Do not shake!

Shopping was really the only food prep I had to do besides boil a bunch of eggs. The only meal that needs any real preparation is dinner which I cook for everyone anyway.

These are more or less the foods that I will be eating for the first two weeks of the 30 days.


Next I had to make sure my equipment was set up and out so that I can just head down to the basement in the morning and knock it out. The program said that I will need a bench, some dumbbells, and either a pull-up bar or resistance bands. I don’t have a pull-up bar so I bought these resistance bands at Wal-Mart.


Then I set everything out so that it’s ready to go! Ryan always has to be the first to try everything out.

Black and white to mask the mess

Ok, I’m all set! Let’s do it!

UPDATE!!! I decided to do the 60 plan after all!

Have a great night everyone!


How did you prep for your resolution or fitness program?




6 thoughts on “30 Day Chisel: Prep Day

  1. I have been doing Body Pump twice a week for the past 9 months and I have decided that I should add one more session. Adding that extra day seems to be making a difference, I am getting stronger and slowly adding a little more weight. I’ve had shoulder injuries in the past so I try not to push it too much. And of course my beloved Zumba classes which I do twice a week. Unfortunately I am at a weight loss stall. I have been doing some research and thinking maybe I need to cut back on the fat in my diet, or maybe I just need to change things up.

    I can’t wait to hear and see your results. I have no doubt that you are going to kill this Angela!

    1. Hi Christine! I’m on my phone so I can use emojis 🙋😀 lol!
      Adding a day sounds like a great idea. Like these things I’m doing, if there is an exercise that doesn’t feel right I just do something else. Just the fact that you are in there, moving, and doing your best is enough!
      As for the fat, how long have you been back to lie carb? I did experience the stupid plateau after a while. I told you about my issue after 3 months BOTH times. My body just freaks out on keto after 3 months! So now, well now im changing it up on this program, but up until now I have been doing low carb, moderate fat, and a weekly carb up. That’s worked really well for me.
      Let me know how you decide to switch it up.
      Have a great day Christine!

      1. I was losing slow and steady for the first 4 months and then I have been on this plateau for 4 months, since October, my weight just won’t budge. Since I cut out wheat, I get way less migraines and less severe, so that is amazing for me. I have been thinking about increasing my carbs a little bit (mainly non-grain carbs) and cutting down on the fat. What do you eat for your weekly carb up?

      2. Ugh. Well it’s definitely a plateau since it’s been over 5 weeks ☹️ that’s great that going grainless has made you feel so great though!
        I do have grains on my carb day. Oats, brown rice, and fruit. But no wheat.
        Maybe stick to LCHF but just log it into My Fitness Pal?

  2. I also love to grocery shop AND meal prep. I typically meal prep on Sundays and go ahead and get my turkey bacon made and my lunches so I can heat them at work. There is something about the organization of it all that I just love when I’m planning and prepping for the week! Good luck with the Hammer and Chisel! I’m hoping to graduate to the 21 day fix extreme in a month or so – we’ll see!

    1. Oo turkey bacon! 😋 I used to eat that all the time and haven’t in a while. I need to get some!
      Oh man, you will love 21 Day Fix extreme. That was the first thing I did after having Anna. GREAT program. Good luck girl!

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