30 Day Chisel!

30 Day Chisel!

Hey Peaches!!!

Before I get into today’s post, guess what day it is????

Sweaty Mess

It’s the day that I COMPLETED Insanity Max 30!!!!!


Results and rundown coming soon. 🙂


Now that I am done with Insanity Max 30, I am moving right into The Master’s Hammer and Chisel 30 Day Chisel on Wednesday the 25!!!

This is actually a 60 day plan to build muscle (hammer) and then shred down (chisel), but I am only doing Chisel this time because I have TONS of muscle. I’m not kidding. Tons. Not only am I a mesomorph (body type that builds muscle easily), but I lifted very heavy for three straight years  and did not watch my caloric intake. You may remember…..

So I am excited to try Chisel and I am going to blog my way through it just like I have through my 30 day plans in the past. I’ll be sharing my workouts, eating, and everything! As always, all of you are welcome to post your food and keep yourself on track right along with me no matter what plan you are on.

Here’s the rundown:


Wish me luck and stay tuned!

PS- I will be having a drink on Valentines Day and brunch with my mom on February 17th. We both have December birthdays and decided to celebrate them on February 17th since the holidays are so busy haha. 🙂

UPDATE!!! I actually decided to do the whole thing!!!


Are you doing a fitness program right now? If so, which one?



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