Day 1 The Master’s Hammer and Chisel: Chisel Endurance

Hey Yall!

Day 1 done. Here’s the rundown.

In case you missed it, I misunderstood this program and so I am now doing the full 60 day Hammer and Chisel program……. evidently I need to learn to read directions.


Day 1 The Master’s Hammer and Chisel: Chisel Endurance


The workout this morning was very much like a workout that I would have done in the gym so of course I enjoyed it immensely. It had high repetition weightlifting with some cardio to keep your heart rate up for the whole workout. I had all the equipment I needed but one of the exercises was bench step-ups and I opted to use the second step of the basement staircase instead of the bench. It also gave you the option of doing pull ups or pull downs with bands. I have bands so I used those but because my basement has no doors I actually hung it from the ceiling. It worked perfectly haha!


It’s seriously so embarrassing posting pictures of my basement.

The workout ran about 35 minutes. That was it! And I was so focused on getting the exercises right that it blew by. I didn’t even realize that I had worked up a sweat but I did!

The program has a workout calendar that tells you when to do what workout. Since I am now doing the whole 60 day program, I am just going to go ahead and pick up on Day 2 and then do Chisel Balance on the day that is supposed to be Chisel Endurance.



And here is what I ate today!


I originally planned to do two weeks low carb and two weeks moderate carb. I am still doing this for the first half but now that the plan is a 60 day plan I willย just do the same thing in the second half. So just two rounds of 2 weeks low carb/2 weeks moderate carb.





5 thoughts on “Day 1 The Master’s Hammer and Chisel: Chisel Endurance”

  1. Totally agree with Ritu…you are truly an inspiration ! I wish I had your energy, lol ! I am TOTALLY suffering from my workout from Tuesday. I did exercise yesterday, I guess that workout has not had an effect on me thus far. It was upper body w/abs. But…from Tuesday, my quads, hams and glutes are crazily sore, haha !! Apparently, these are muscles I do not target daily. This is what lunges and squats do for an out of shape bod !!!!! I’m feeling two things, one, is all this pain and suffering worth it ?, two, “hurt so good” comes to mind. I know I have worked the muscles and I know I am building strength. And…it better reflect when I am in summer clothes on that cruise in approximately five weeks !!!!!!! So, I will jump on the tread today with hopes of stretching out these sore muscles.

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