Day 2 The Master’s Hammer and Chisel: Hammer Plyometrics

Before I get into today’s post, here are our latest Snapchat creations. πŸ™‚

Ok Day 2!

Which is actually the program’s Day 1, but it’s my Day 2 because I don’t read directions haha.

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel : Hammer Plyometrics

Ok first, the Hammer workouts are taught by this guy……


He has a really thick accent and it’s like having Arnold Schwarzenegger as your fitness instructor. I was actually wondering how this plyometric workout was going to be because he is so big and muscly. I couldn’t imagine how he was going to jump around all over the place! But he sure did, and it was the coolest plyo workout because it mixed the plyo moves with weights. So for example you would do a burpee followed by a pull-up! I used bands instead of a pull up bar because 1) I don’t have a pull up bar and 2) I can’t do a pull-up! Even so, I got a GREAT workout. I was breathing so hard at some points I couldn’t catch my breath and had to wait to begin the next exercise. But I really like these workouts so far. They are so different! It’s very cool and the time flies by because you are constantly going from one thing to the next. This workout was short but definitely not so sweet. It was only 27 minutes but I was dripping at the end!

Ryan is saying “we did it” haha

Ryan has fun too and is obsessed with the bands.

Here’s today’s food! Low carb Day 2


Catch ya tomorrow Peaches!


Do you ever judge a workout by the instructor?


11 thoughts on “Day 2 The Master’s Hammer and Chisel: Hammer Plyometrics”

  1. I love that guy! I forget his name but my husband does his Body Beast program and I love listening to him!

    Great job Angela! What a wonderful example you are setting! I always pray for you and wow, God listens! He has been so good to you and I’m so proud of who you are!!!

    1. Right! Yes! I just googled it and already forgot the name lol.
      Oh thank you Anne! And thank you for the prayers! I feel them. You know I pray for you yoo pretty.uch everyday πŸ’—. So good to hear from you! Christine and Mary always love seeing your comment 😊

      1. I’m trying to be on here more, but I’m just so darn busy! Which is good, life if wonderful, but there’s never enough time!!

  2. …there is that beautiful Anne we miss from the past ! You look wonderful and have not lost that kind and caring personality !!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    Um…I would be way tooooo distracted with that instructor !!! I would personally be ashamed of my lumpy plumpy bod – ugh !!! You go girl !! You have so much stamina, you are going to burn through this and look even more amazing than you do now. Can’t wait to see your build up then chisel. You prove what we can do with our bodies.

    Photos…. W. A. Y. toooooo cute ! I forgot to tell that I had become a great aunt to a little baby girl, Oaklyn Rae. I got to hold the little peanut this past weekend. So amazing – life! Ten little fingers, ten little toes. Human creation is a phenomenal happening.

    No workout yesterday. Got busy with jobs and the day just got away from me. My legs are still tender. Omg! When you have to have your husband assist you from the potty because your quads and hamstrings hurt so and you don’t want to endure the pressure solely…you know you have a problem, lol ! I really wanted to jump on the tread because I thought it would have been a good distraction to the targeted muscles that are hurting. Oh well, this weekend will be very active with walking around NYC. That’s the problem, you gotta keep moving, you can’t sit down…because when you do…it hurts like heck to get back up and moving ! I look like I have a injury, haha !

    Ok, breakfast and electronics time done for the day…off and running. Have a great weekend all…enjoy your family, friends and remember to appreciate yourself πŸ˜‰ for the amazing person you are !!!!!!!

    1. Stop Mary!! Lol! You crack me up.
      That’s so awesome that you have a new great niece!!! Love the name!
      You are so right, I cannot fathom the whole creation process and I’ve had two.
      Oh my gosh! That IS sore! Well, at least you know you did something right??? Man! I have been that sore before. It’s not fun at all. It gets so frustrating, especially when your 119 pound dog want to pull your stiff legs all over the yard when you take him out to pee. Lol! Ow ow ow.
      Thank you for the sweet words, you are always so encouraging! It is neat to see your body doing things you didn’t know it could.
      Hope you are having a great day Mary and have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Nice to see Anne here after all this time. I agree with Mary you look lovely and vibrant, I hope everything is going well. xoxo

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