Day 8 MHC:Chisel Cardio + A Little (big) Outburst

Hey there!

This morning there was a good example of how sometimes I can be winning as a mom and then totally lose at it all within the same half hour. As you know I workout at home while my baby is asleep. Well today Anna woke up before I was done so I had to break to feed and occupy her before I could finish the rest. I don’t know about you but once there is a break in my focus it is hard to get going again. But I fed her, set her up in her Bumbo seat, and got back to it. She got restless before the end but I made it work haha!


Total fit mom win right? It would have been a total win if the story had ended there…… but it did not.

Also during said workout, Ryan was playing next to me. This is fine, he is usually next to me playing during every workout. Well he has this Minion gun that when you pull the trigger it makes farting noises. I know, only the best for my boy! He kept pulling the trigger and sounding it over and over again. At this point in the mom game I have learned to tune out pretty much every bell and whistle on their toys, but this time I couldn’t hear the instructor over the noise so I asked him to take it somewhere else……… He stays. He doesn’t stop.

Proudly displaying the torture device 

I ask him again to take it somewhere else. Still nicely.

Doesn’t phase him.

I ask him one more time nicely.

Might as well have been speaking to a wall.

At this point I probably should have just taken the gun away and let that be that, but instead I chose to yell “Ryan if you don’t stop with the gun I’m taking it away!”

STILL farting sounds proceed!

So I snatched the gun from his hands and threw it against the cement wall in my basement.

Ya win some ya lose some I guess.

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel: Chisel Cardio

I have GOT to quit thinking that I know what is coming in these workouts. Stoppit Angela just stoppit! You don’t! Going by the name, I figured this was going to be reminiscent of the cardio in Insanity Max 30 and totally geared myself up for a super sweaty, weightless cardio session. But no! It was the coolest cardio!


It’s like cardio weightlifting. It’s neat. You are holding weights while do each exercise for 1 minute. It really gets your heart rate up! Aside from the fart gun throwing incident, it was actually a really fun workout today.

Sometimes It’s Enough, Sometimes It’s Just Not

Some days my meal plan is enough and then some days it’s not. Last night it was not. I was SO HUNGRY. I already had posted what I ate for the day on here so I kept going back and forth in my head about whether to eat more or not. I thought about it way too long but then finally ended up having some more of my prepped food. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with this but I have to say it was a little bit of a mental struggle! Isn’t it so hard to not have the all-or-nothing-mindset? But we have to break free of it and keep moving forward.

So here is what I ate today. Some days it’s enough and then some days it’s not. If I add anything to it I will let you know tomorrow. 🙂

Low Carb Day 8 (of 14)

Goodnight lovely readers!


Do you ever lose it with your kids? 

What is your favorite type of cardio?

Do you ever feel guilty when you have to stray from your original plan?

6 thoughts on “Day 8 MHC:Chisel Cardio + A Little (big) Outburst

  1. lol ! Thanks for the burst of laughter this brought to me this morning. This would be exactly what I would have done ! Unfortunately, I had no patience. I also dislike loud and annoying noises. I did try to deal but then reacted. I have so many regrets about that behavioral disorder of mine 😪. I think my daughter is the same way, so she now understands as an adult why I was reactionary to certain issues. It is tough being a full time parent and also to accomplish YOUR life as well. I need to be by myself to concentrate in exercise. Dislike anyone watching.

    I had a pretzel attack last evening. We had to do some electrical at our lake house so this was our plan for the evening. We have had a container of pretzels there from New Years celebration. My instant thought was, yum, pretzels and a grapefruit seltzer water. Amazing how my mind gravitates to this, right ?! Well, we stopped to get gas and hubby remembered he ate the last of the pretzels…so, he ran into get some to munch on. Now, this is quite sad on many levels. First, that we think of pretzels when we think of the Lake house and secondly, that we actually bought pretzels. Talk about an addiction, huh ? Err………. So, yes, I get annoyed and angry at myself for going off task.

    My favorite type of cardio is ~ none ! Haha. Just kidding. I enjoy the treadmill as long as it is not over 30 minutes. I get totally bored with that. Love hiking. Winter hiking is my fav because you get the extra burn by trudging through the snow. Not much snow this year for full effect of that burn. I have been trying to alter my workouts. With BeachBody, I have been following those workouts. I even ended up with the country dance workout. Per your suggestion to try. Fun, but boy, I have no rhythm !!! That MUST be a “do alone” workout. Have to admit, I am a bit bored with it but do not wish to continue to purchase more. Love the dumbbells. Tough at times but love the powerful feeling of being able to lift a higher weight when I achieve that.

    Ok, off for a day with parents. Doctors again…

    Good day Peaches.

    1. Haha! I’m so glad I’m not alone here! I know it doesn’t make it right, but still haha.
      You guys crack me up! I love it actually! Jason and I would do this all the time. We have had to stop because I had the problem of not being able to stop once I start on junk foor and then just recently Jason found out he has high cholesterol! Well, borderline actually but still. But on the weekends we loves to just go all out. Get a movie, get all of our favorite snacks, something yummy for dinner, can’t forget ice cream haha. You know now that I am laying it all out it was a whole lot more than just pretzels lol!
      Anyway, now we still do the movie and hang out and everything but he will get Halo Top ice cream and I like to get all my little flavored drinks and coffees. Much less calorific (made that word up) but still fun.
      So wait, you got Country Heat??? I didn’t know this!!! I actually love that one! Yeah, I felt dumb in the beginning but once I got it it was so fun! And it gets your heart rate up! And I did it while Jason was in the room AND I was 3 years preggo!!! Hahahaha! It was a sight for sure. But I think you will like it once you have been doing it a while. 🙂
      Have a good day Mary!!!

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