State Your Change! One Change Challenge Details

State Your Change! One Change Challenge Details


Well I am so excited that you ladies are in this challenge with me! 🙂 Even if you were a little hesitant at first. I think every one of your comments telling me that you were in had “ugh!” or “gah!” in it hahaha! This is going to be so awesome though. Not everyone mentioned what their change will be but so far we have meditation, jelly bean quitting, and sticking to a to-do list all going on next week. This is great! I was hoping that we would all have different ones and it looks like we do!

Such wisdom from the notebooks at TJMaxx

So let’s all state our change under this post. If you haven’t come up with yours yet, that’s ok! When you do think of it, state it under here.

The challenge starts Monday February 6th. I will do a One Change Challenge post Monday and then everyone comment at the end of the day (or whenever) that you SUCCEEDED (because what else?) and how it went and how you feel and we will all celebrate each other. And then we will do that 6 more times! Yay!!!

Also, just like we did with the real food challenge, you all can send me pictures of how you are making your change and I will post about it. 🙂 You are all so inspiring!

Any questions? I’m so excited!

Let’s do it ladies! You are all so awesome!



5 thoughts on “State Your Change! One Change Challenge Details

  1. No added sugar! No more candy, cookies, etc. I’m also gonna try to do no grains, but if a random corn tortilla sneaks in that’s ok. I love my Mexican food!

    I sort of tried to start today. I have been adding a little spoon of sugar to my coffee lately (who have I become?!) so that ended this morning. Then I ate a cookie. Baby steps. lol! They’re healthy homemade grain free cookies, but there’s sugar nonetheless. But next week it’s on!

  2. Mine is that I am going to actually LOOK at my to-do list and do the things on it everyday. I keep making them and then still just going by memory during the day. 🙄
    So I am going to actually do the things on my to-do list next week 😬

  3. I have downloaded some guided meditations on my Spotify account so I am going to do some form of meditation on a daily basis.

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