Day 10 MHC: Chisel Agility….. Learned Something New About Myself Today

Day 10 MHC: Chisel Agility….. Learned Something New About Myself Today

Happy Friday!

Quote of the day….

“Ooooooooh! I just exercise farted!” -Ryan

Win of the day….

Anna was not only awake for this 40 minute workout, but she played quietly on her little play mat as well! 40 minutes! I was amazed. Thank you miss Anna!


Day 10 The Master’s Hammer and Chisel: Chisel Agility

I learned something new about myself today. My listening skills need WORK! Chisel Agility is definitely the most fun I’ve had in a workout in a really long time. I’ve actually never taken an agility class before nor have I ever done any sort of agility workout. Agility is all about being able to move in different directions quickly. So in this workout, you add direction to all of the exercises. Well… I’m good with adding direction to squats and lunges and so on, but apparently agility is also about sharpening your mind as well. For some of the exercises, you had to wait until the instructor told you what to do before doing anything. The first exercise that this was done with was the plank. So you got into plank position and then tapped out your right or left hand or right or left foot WHEN SHE SAID TO. Seems simple but I was terrible at this! This is pretty much how things went down.

“Right front!”  Meaning tap out your right hand.

I tap my right hand.

“Right front!”

I tap my left hand.

“Left FRONT!” Still supposed to be tapping my hand.

I tap my left right foot.

Over and over!!! Not only do I not listen well but I do a whole lot of assuming……. and you know what they say happens when you assume.

But despite my lack of listening skills, this was my favorite workout so far. It was so unique! Unique to me anyway. Super fun!

10 days down, 50 to go! Onward!


What I Ate Today

Low carb day 10 (of 14)


Have a great night everyone and a great start to your weekend. It’s Super Bowl Weekend and our Falcons are in it!


Are you a good listener?

Have you ever taken an agility class? Love it or hate it?



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