Day 14 MHC: Hammer Conditioning

Day 14 MHC: Hammer Conditioning

Hey hey!

Today’s MCH workout was Hammer Conditioning. I realize that in blogging my way through these workouts I keep saying “This one is my favorite so far!” and I am yet again going to say it!

This one is my favorite so far!

What is it called again when you do two or three exercises all in one exercise? A complex maybe? I like the word complex so that is what I will call it. This workout was full of complexes! And it was awesome. Things like this…….


And this!

My favorite exercise was actually this row/burpee/upright row thing. I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to be able to do the burpee while holding onto the dumbbells. I just took it slow and surprised myself!

Oh and I know what you are thinking “How can I get my hair to stick up in the front the way Angela does?”

I’m so sorry readers but it’s actually just genetics. Sorry. Maybe you can find something on Youtube to help you. 😉  Haha! Any new moms out there dealing with post pregnancy baby hairs?

Anyway, THIS ONE is my new favorite. 🙂

What I Ate today!

Low carb day 14 out of 14. Tomorrow I eat carbs!


That’s all for now folks. Have a great night!


What is your very favorite exercise?

Do you know the real term for a bunch of exercises in one? Is it a complex?

Have you ever carb cycled?

How was your hair after you had a baby?



7 thoughts on “Day 14 MHC: Hammer Conditioning

  1. My favorite exercise is definitely lifting, specifically shoulders and squats. Love em! Lunges and planks on the other hand are just for the birds. I do them anyway but they are pure torture, lol!

    I wonder if the word you are looking for is superset? Usually it’s two exercises, not sure if it covers more too or if there is a more superer word instead.

    I’ve gone very low carb, I tried keto (and loved it) but never an intentional cycle.

    My hair never changed! Not one bit! So funny, I think I’m the only one.

    1. Totally agree! Definitely lunges just because I have too lol. Actually squats too. Pretty much the only lower half stuff I like are dead lifts and hip thrusts which I HATE doing in the gym because they look vulgar to me haha!
      I know it’s not super set just because those were literally ALL I did in the gym. I don’t think I explained it clearly either.
      Really? So lucky!!! You hair was well deserved though with how your pregnancy went!!!

  2. My list is going to sound super lame Hahahaha
    What is your very favorite exercise?
    Laughing… I’m far too lazy to actually work out yet
    Do you know the real term for a bunch of exercises in one?
    Yes; Traumatic experience
    Is it a complex?
    No; its A traumatic experience.
    Have you ever carb cycled?
    I consume carbs on an hourly cycle.
    How was your hair after you had a baby?
    This is a tricky one to answer…

  3. Question #1 my fav exercises are weighted glute bridges and weight back extensions. Also a sucker for Arnold Presses:-)
    #2 its called a compound exercise or movement. Super set would be two different exercises done back to back. Compound is when you mix two in the same movement, like a squat with a shoulder press.
    #3- yes I’ve carb cycled. Lots of different plans. They all seem to work if you stick to them and are organized. Neither of which I can seem to do! Lol
    #4 ugh the hair! Yes. It was thick and beautiful while pregnant and then around 3 months PP at all started falling out. It was disgusting! Angela you know this, we talked about it while it was happening! I’m getting chills just typing this!

    As for the challlenge, like I said I’m in whistler and we had dinner plans last night that started at 7:-( so yesterday was not a huge succcess in that sense. However, I made pretty decent food choices for dinner! And I’m 8 weeks no drinks today!!! Yay! Detoxing till April 1st:-)

    1. I love Arnolds too!!!
      Ok compound, good. Thank you!!!
      Hahahaha!!!! I’ve never been able to stick to them in the past.
      Oh yes I remember the hair!!!
      You did good! I think we all know the kind of snacking you are talking about. You guys went out to eat, that’s different. Great job!!! And I mean REALLY great job! I didn’t realiz you were going to be in Whistler for this challenge!

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