One Change Challenge Day 2

Good Morning One Changers!

Great job on Day 1! Ready to do it all again? Yes!

Anne is quitting junky sugar this week. She sent a picture of what her and her family ate yesterday. The food is so beautiful! Look!

So many pretty colors. 🙂

One Change Challenge Day 2

How was yesterday? Did you have any difficulty? I ended up checking everything off of my to-do list (because my one change is sticking to my to-do list), but I definitely now know why I have not been looking at it even though I go through the trouble of writing it out at night…….. I don’t want to do the stuff on it!

There was one big scary thing that I have been putting off for I really long time. Well, it was on the list yesterday so I had to get it done because I told you all that I would. Ugh! So I went ahead and got it done in the morning before I had time to rethink the whole situation.

This is called eating the frog.

Eat the frog.jpg

Trust me, I never eat the frog. Yesterday was the first time in a long time and I have YOU to thank! I needed to do this challenge.

Do you eat the frog? Do you get the one pressing thing on your agenda done first thing or do you procrastinate? I have to say that I am very good at not procrastinating on things that I don’t mind doing or things that I do mind doing but know how to do. Does that make sense? If I am unsure about how to do something and have to do a lot of figuring out, I procrastinate. So sad. But I’m working on it!

Ok, Questions:

Did you enjoy Day 1?

Did you run into any difficulty yesterday?

What will you do differently today?

Do you eat the frog or do you procrastinate?

And please, if yesterday didn’t go well, jump right in today!!! This is not all-or-nothing and you can still make an amazing change!

Have a great Day 2 PEACHES!

Love you all,

19 thoughts on “One Change Challenge Day 2”

  1. Another sick day means another full day with hubby… who works from home. These two days alone have been more time than we’ve spent alone in months!!! Think I’m doing pretty well!!! And it’s birthday time tomorrow!

      1. Thank you hun! It’s a shame I have to go back to work today, on his special day, but we will celebrate properly on the weekend. It’s my mum in law’s birthday too!

  2. Morning Ladies! Yesterday went well. Finished dinner at 7pm. A little later then I’d like but we are in whistler in a hotel so I kinda have to go with the flow.
    The frog…. hmmm. Well I usually tackle the small things first. Once I start checking things off I usuall keep going. I just started evaluating my “to do” list. The things that keep getting moved from one day to another that cause me stress, or I just have a mental block on I have re evaluated. Do I personally really need to do them? If the answer is no. Then I don’t or I Have someone else complete it. (Husband, employee, anyone other then me!) seems to be working well:)
    To do list shouldn’t cause stress. If they do re evaluate it. Seriously. You know they say half of what we stress about is for no good reason.

    1. Oh yay for Whistler!!!
      Yes, that is one thing I realized that I have to do for this challenge is to make sure that the list doesn’t stress me out. It’s just some things (Like dealing with student loans) have to be done by me even though they stress me out lol. But you are right, the list is supposed to make life LESS stressful.

  3. I’m totally a procrastinator! Lol! I’m two minutes late to everything. Why do today what can be put off until tomorrow? This and my temper are the two things I don’t like about myself. I’ve been working on the temper, prayer has made it much better. If God can forgive me, then I better forgive others, no sense in being mad, it’s not my job to judge. The temper only hurts me in the long run. So much progress on that one. Procrastination will have to be my next challenge!

      1. Lol!! I think I mainly procrastinate because half the time I’m just too busy. I always think I can do more in less time. I way overestimate what I’m capable of. Hey, at least I’m confident, lol!

  4. Ok. Today was another sickly success, lol!
    Still feeling like crap, but I’m hanging in there. Supposed to get snow here so I’m off work Thursday, I think God sent the storm just for me so I can rest!

    Breakfast: coffee and my cashew milk, cinnamon, collagen and glutamine concoction. Also, I take soil based probiotics and CLA.
    Snack: raw mixed nuts and seltzer
    Lunch: tea and Greek yogurt with a little organic strawberry jam. It had a little sugar, I swore it didn’t but I didn’t look until after I ate it. I also bought apple butter. That has no added sugar. I had them confused. Whatever. Still better than candy! This sickness is killing my appetite. I brought dinner leftovers and I just couldn’t eat it.
    Snack: I needed comfort food so I picked up some potato chips. No sugar! And I stole a piece of my husband’s bacon.
    Dinner: my favorite tacos! My husband ran out and got them for me. We have the coolest little Mexican restaurant around the corner. Such fresh food, all homemade by this little family. I love them! My tacos were chicken, onion, radish, cilantro and salsa on corn tortillas. I always treat myself to a soda with this meal but I passed on it this time. Go me!
    Snack: kombucha. Then cold season tea and ricolas. The cough drops have sugar but at this point they’re a total necessity. This cough is making me feel like pieces of my lungs may come up. Eww. Also, in the evening I supplement with magnesium and fermented cod liver oil. And another different probiotic.

    So day two has been good! I must say, I’m totally surprised at how much I’m just not craving sugar! I thought it would be torture, but it just feels good to care again. Thank you everybody for holding me accountable!

    1. Another great day despite being sick!!! You are doing so good! I love apple butter. It makes me think of my grandma lol.
      As you know, I quit sugar. For me it’s easy to stay away from as long as I don’t have a bite of it lol.
      Feel better!!! But you are doing great!

  5. Day 1 went well but I didn’t have as much time this morning so it was only a 10 minute meditation, still better than nothing.

    I definitely have trouble eating the frog, I usually do the easy things first but that frog has to be dealt with eventually.

  6. We’re hitting it ladies !!! Hope you two are feeling better soon 😔. I did my squats/hammer bicep curls and walking lunges before breakfast. I also woke by seven. A win for me ! I did a full body workout and some random exercises through out the day. Kept busy with paperwork and making some minestrone soup.

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