Pour Into Someone Else

Good morning!

I am going to be posting The One Change Challenge and MHC posts today as well but I wanted to share with you what I heard this morning in a sermon that I listened to from Kevin Meyers and Kevin Queen at 12Stone. I am definitely NOT preaching here, Lord knows I have no business doing that. But I know those of us in the One Change Challenge are in it to better ourselves in some way and I thought what they said here was so profound whether you are a church goer or not! So here is what I heard, take it or leave it.


Coaching and Coachabilty

The pastors were going with the theme of the Super Bowl and talked about how we are all coaches in something whether it is an actual team, your children, your employees or whatever, and that in order to be a good coach, we have to be able to be coached as well. There were 3 virtues that we need in order to be a person able to be coached, and there were two things we need to do to be a good coach. Here is the breakdown.

3 Virtues of Coachability

  1. Be Humble-  Recognizing That What I Am a Part of is Bigger Than Myself.

We can never really know that we are humble because at the point where we think that we have reached humility, we have lost humility. But we have to take on a humble attitude in order to be coached.

     2. Be Hungry- Take Passionate Ownership

Be hungry to win, be hungry to grow, be hungry to learn.

     3.Be Relationally Smart- Win In Relationships

Love people and be a blessing to your group.

To Be A Great Coach

  1. Lead ourselves first

Don’t lead with lips, lead with life.

      2.Train hard today!

“We can’t play soft in practice and then expect to play hard in the game.”

What I took away from it all was that I can’t expect to be a great coach to my kids or to anyone else if I don’t have take on the attitude of love and humility. And that the things that I am passionate about doing in my life (being obedient to the Lord, raising my kids), I have to work HARD at everyday to make sure that the fire is kindled. But I wanted to share this with you all on here because maybe you could try these things to kindle YOUR fire in your life, whatever it its!

Love you all,



What are you a “coaching” in your life right now?

What is the “fire” that you are kindling?

Do you agree or disagree with what the pastors said it takes to be a great coach?

Check out the sermon I watched here!

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