MHC Day 16 – Midnight Madness

*The first part of this blog post was written at 1:00am this morning. 

Good morning!!!

It is 1:00am. But it is morning nonetheless! I am using “nonetheless” as much as I possibly can now that I know it is one word. I like the way it looks on the page. It a simple pleasure…..but a pleasure nonetheless! 🙂

What a strange day yesterday was! I ate my house, and then when Anna fell asleep at 5am, I took a nap too….. for two and half hours! And so did she and Ryan. So we were all up all night.

So this is going to seem really weird. I have a hair appointment today. That’s not the weird part, I’m getting to that. I LOVE getting my hair done because for me it’s just as good as a spa day. My friend Emily does it and it takes forever because my hair is really long and thick and I get it colored and cut. This is bad for her, good for me (sorry Em). Anyway, it takes like 4 hours to get my hair done so I get Jason’s grandmother to watch the kids, I get my coffee, and then get to just sit there and talk with Emily for hours! Plus, she rubs my head when she washes my hair and it feels good. 🙂

The weird part is that my appointment is in the morning. I took the nap and was really awake and knew it would be a while before bed. I started thinking, if I workout before the appointment in the morning I run the risk of being sweaty. Not good when you are going to be sitting under heat for a long time! So I said to myself “Self, you are awake, you are all carbed up, why don’t you just do tomorrow’s workout now? It’s basically tomorrow anyway.”

So I did! I did MHC Agility at midnight! It felt so weird, but it’s done and I can sleep in and enjoy my non-sweaty hair appointment. 🙂



It is now 7:30pm and I am amused reading my highly caffeinated words from this morning haha.

Today was nice though. I did the agility workout last night because I had the energy and I basically woke up and headed out to get my hair done. So nice! The hair appointment took four hours and then I had a nice visit with Jason’s grandmother and aunt who were so nice to watch the kids for me.


Oh the foils…. haha!

BUT I am doing the One Change Challenge and so I still have to complete all the thing on my to-do list……. and it’s 7:30. So I’m going to get to work!

The next thing on my list in the Day 4 One Challenge Post. Stay tuned challengers!

Ta ta for now!

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