One Change Challenge Day 4!

Good evening Challenge Queens!

Sorry for the late post! I’ll make it short and sweet.

How are we doing? Look what Mary posted to Facebook. This warmed my heart to see!



I am in love with how serious you all are! I hope that you all are glad that you did this challenge. I know I am. I was out of the house all day but I am checking things off my to-do list NOW because of you ladies and how committed you are!  Normally, I would be watching TV about now haga.

Keep up the great work!!! Tomorrow is day 5! Have you thought about what comes after Sunday? I Have to keep this going somehow lol.

That’s all for tonight!

Love you ladies! xoxox


Oh one more thing!


Look at this Lara bar that Anne found with greens in it. Since quitting sugar, Lara is literally the only bar I can eat. I have to try this! Have any of you tried it?


How was Day 4?

Do you think you will keep your change after Sunday?

Do you know of any other bar besides Lara that doesn’t have any sort of sugar in it? 

9 thoughts on “One Change Challenge Day 4!

  1. So I was home sick and snowed in today. I kinda snacked a little, had a great veggie frittata for lunch, then snacked some more. I did have just a few dark chocolate chips, which are obviously not sugarless, but can I say, they tasted amazing and then I was satisfied and I walked away! I’ll take that! Back at it tomorrow, and I may fast Saturday, not sure yet. Clears my mind and makes me feel better, I could use the reset. We’ll see. Night all!

      1. I haven’t done the whole day, but I’m sure I could if I planned for it. I usually do until late afternoon.

        I was so happy with how satisfied I was with the chocolate! I feel in control again.

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