One Change Challenge Day 7!

One Change Challenge Day 7!

Hi Peaches!

And just like that, it’s Day 7 and we made it through our One Change Challenge!!!



What a fun week! I had such a great time with you ladies! How are we all feeling about your change? Do you think you will keep it going? I feel great. My change was to stick to my to-do list. I got so much done and now I am brainstorming all of the things that I can put on my to-do list that will actually get done now haha. Like things to do with Ryan….

Do we want to do this again? If we do I was thinking we could do it once a month. Then at the end of the year we will have made 11 changes for the better! Let me know if you think that would be a good idea.

But for Day 7, I just want to say what a fun time this was. And this challenge was really a testament to the power of community. What is it they say about the 5 people closest to you? You end up being like them so make sure they are people you want to be like. Checking in with each other everyday is more powerful than we know! So thank you SO MUCH for joining this challenge. I know you all are very busy so I hope you found value in taking time to make a change. I certainly found value in not only this challenge, but in talking with you and being inspired by you daily.


End of Challenge Questions:

How are you different after 7 days of making your change?

Did you learn anything about yourself this week?

Do you think you will keep your change going?

During this challenge, did you think of one more change you could make in the future? 





7 thoughts on “One Change Challenge Day 7!

  1. I definitely want to keep up with daily meditations, I found they helped to reduce stress and improve sleep. I love how it helped me to connect with my “inner” self or soul. I think the accountability factor is a great help. There were a lot of great challenges posted here that would be great to do; cutting out sugar, stretching daily, stop eating after a certain hour, etc.

    Thanks for encouraging us to challenge ourselves Angela.

    1. Oh good! Oh man, I agree. When we are so busy it’s so important to reconnect. I’m so glad you did this one. Thank you for doing this challenge Christine. I know you are a busy lady. But an inspiring one as well!

  2. Yes ! Officially completed @ 9:49 Sunday evening. And….I even added the seven extra – BAM !
    Well, definitely feel muscle toned up in my legs. I became stronger each day, not having to stop at the twelve count for a quick break. I plowed right through them tonight. I WILL keep doing these until my vacation…20 days away. I actually want to add some “butt” exercise as a bit too much giggle wiggle going on there. Oddly enough, squats and lunges did not work on that area much.
    I feel accomplished. Every single day I made sure to take this time to dedicate to my challenge.

    Nice job ladies !! Thank you Angela 😀

    1. WAY TO GO Mary!!! I was wondering how you were doing over the weekend.FANTASTIC job! You did it! All 7 days!!! I am just tickled pink haha. So awesome.
      ANd you did do something with the squats and lunges, you just don’t notice yet. You work out all the time, you should do a cutting diet once just to see what you have lying beneath! Like Tosca did! Remember when she did her bikini contest? And she was well over 50 at the time!
      Again, great job ma’am and thank you for doing this challenge with us! Everyone did so good.
      Anne did good too but she has pneumonia! Ugh! Poor thing.

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