Sugarless Update + Cheat Meals + Day 21 MHC

Happy Valentines Day!

Jason had these beautiful sugar free roses delivered to the door this afternoon. 😉


I love him.

I’ve decided to combine a bunch of topics into one post from now on. I want to document my Hammer and Chisel Journey but I don’t want that to be all I blog about for 60 days. I have been meaning to update you all on how my sugarlessness is going. What better day than Valentine’s Day to do so right?

So today I am sharing an update on being sugarless, what I eat for cheat meals, and then Day 21 of The Master’s Hammer and Chisel!

Sugarless Update!


I quit sugar on October 30, 2016 so it’s been three and a half months. I can’t believe it’s only been three and a half months! It seriously feels like I have been sugarless forever. Not in a bad way, it such a good way! I still do not have one ounce of regret for quitting. I no longer experience that weird sugar coma that I used to get when I would eat too much sugar. And it was always too much sugar, that’s the whole reason I quit. I was just sick of being tired and I was tired of making progress on a healthy eating plan only to be completely derailed the minute I took a bite of a cupcake. Plus, the sugar exhausts me. I have so much more energy to devote to my life now. I have a husband and 2 kids that need a wife and mom, I am a Beachbody coach and am having the best time helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle, plus I am the one that does all the housework. I don’t have time to be exhausted nor do I want to be! I enjoy being able to give 100% in my day and if that takes quitting sugar, so be it. It feels so good to be healthy and to approach food with more control.  So all is well in the sugarless world and I am settling in and making myself cozy.

So What About Cheat Meals?

So what about cheat meals? Do I still eat them? Yes, I just don’t have any sugar. It’s funny how once you kick sugar, chicken and eggs become really salty and fruit is like candy. My favorite cheat meal is actually salted nuts and oatmeal unsweetened applesauce and I often have that at home. When I go out to eat, my indulgence is in alcohol haha. Not a lot of it. I didn’t include alcohol in my quitting junky sugar because I don’t have it all the time and when I do I don’t feel the need to drink a ton of it like I did when I would have a donut or a cookie. But it’s not just the alcohol that is the indulgence when I go out to eat. I love not having to cook, being out with my family, and having something I don’t usually have at home like steak or swordfish. This has proven to be a much more enjoyable way to indulge than going out and having this huge fried calorie filled meal with dessert and drinks and everything. When I used to do this I felt terrible the rest of the night and had no energy to do anything else. The only fun I had was in the actually eating of the food. There is so much more fun to be had!

So I do cheat but not with sugar. 🙂

PS- I have said this before and I will say it again. There is nothing wrong with eating sugar in moderation. This blog is me sharing with you the things that are working for me in my fitness journey and sugar has proved to be more trouble than it is worth for me. I am by no means saying that I think everyone should quit sugar for good.

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel Day 21: Chisel ISO Strength

BURN!!! Burn burn burn. I am now getting the hang of things in these workouts and adding more weight. It burns! This was my second time doing this workout. You do 3 sets of each exercise. In each set, you do 10 reps and then hold the movement for 10 seconds. It burned so bad but it was a great workout. It feels so good to work hard!

Here’s what I ate today….



That’s all for today folks!


What did you get/do for Valentines Day?

Have you ever stopped doing something that most people do? What was it and what was our experience?

What did you do for exercise today?


5 thoughts on “Sugarless Update + Cheat Meals + Day 21 MHC”

    1. Happy Vday to you! Well it’s not really a challenge, I just quit sugar for good back in October lol. But I guess I could do a no sugar challenge soon. We tried to do it on here last June and it did NOT work haha. I was pregnant and the other ladies had vacations and everything you do in summer. Maybe we can try again. Thank you for the idea!

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Ok so my hubby bought me a huge teddy and a chocolate rose!!! I got a card from the kids and the cat too!
    I couldn’t cut sugar totally but my biggie was going from 3 sugars in my tea to none! Now I can’t even believe I used to drink things that sweet! The same goes for soda!
    No exercise as such. I am enjoying my holiday!!!

  2. And I remember that girl that loved salted caramels, lol ! It is wonderful that you no longer turn to a sugary treat. You’ve won yet another battle girl !!!! I need to follow your lead here. I do not include sugar in my meal prep. And, FOR THE MOST PART, do not eat candy. HOWEVER, there are times when I do. Like yesterday when my hubby bought me chocolates! And yes, I ate too many (4) and felt that surge of sugar raging through my body. I hid them, haha ! I will hopefully forget about them. Or, my typical motto…just eat them all and get it over with !!!!! Ugh !! Where does my reasoning come from ?! He came with a dozen red roses but then stopped to pick up flowers for our daughter. He drove past the local chocolatier and decided to stop. Why, idk. It is even a ridiculous parking lot to get in and out of, lol ! He is the type that will do things due to tradition. I joked and said that even if I was a diabetic or allergic he would still bring me home chocolates ! When I get mad at him, I call this pure ignorance, haha ! Well, I cannot judge as I did pick up a four count pink heart princess box of choc for my daughter. And…I know she is limiting that stuff from her diet ! So, I’m just as bad !!!! Told her to give to her bf.

    If you remember way back when I started clean eating, I had such a hard time with my daughter and husband. Some family members as well. This is where Heather really helped me through !! Social life was a bit strained until I became strong enough to bypass the indulgences and whatnot. Life does truly change until everyone gets on the same page. I am proud to report that my daughter,that is out living on her own, is a clean eating gal. Gluten free as well. She has been having difficulty with the boyfriend and meals/snacks because he has no standards. Higher quality food cost more, that is also a problem with the share costing of the groceries for them. Anyways…just makes me so proud that she, the girl that went into panic mode many years ago, is now a clean eating, food conscience, healthy eating gal ❤️👍🏻😀. Yesterday she was baking for a friends one year old. Ingredients…banana, unsweetened apple sauce, etc…I love that her friend is raising her daughter to be a little clean eater 😀. As far as my husband…he is a clean eater as well. He just went to the doctor and had blood testing…all great ! He thanked me for feeding him properly. What a WIN for me !!!!

    Ok…I am getting off key here ~

    Exercise for yesterday…24 of each~weighted squats, walking lunges, hydrants, bridging, toe taps, side full leg lifts, clams, 30 minutes beachbody upper body including abs.

    Coffee break over. Breakfast next. Seed bowl as I get such great energy from it. I worry though about the calories ?! Chia, hemp, flax…they come with calories. I follow Yuri Elkaims recipe. What do you think ? 1 serving=1/4 c chia, 1/4 c hemp, 1/4 c chopped almonds, 2 tbsp ground flax and a small apple.

    Good day ladies 😀

    1. Haha! Yes! The caramels! And I was so hopeful that I could just eat one. And you do fine Mary, even with having a little sugar everyday you aren’t like I was, it would cause this “bingy” feeling. It was the one thing that still lingered and I just decided to kick it for good. But you are really good at handling your sugar. If I was like this I wouldn’t have quit. Your husband is so sweet to get you the flowers and candy! Even if you don’t eat it all, the thought was still there. Sweet. 🙂
      That IS such a major win!!! I remember when you were having a hard time with them! Those are my favorite victories. When our habits spill over into our families and friends! So awesome Mary good job!
      Ok seed bowl calories. When I was doing LCHF I did not watch calories at all and I ate A LOT of calories all in the form of protein and fat. I didn’t gain any weight but I didn’t lose any weight either. I wonder how many calories are in a seed bowl anyway? Is it a lot?

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