Thankful For These Feet + Day 23 MHC

Hey Peaches!

Happy Thankful Thursday!

We do Thankful Thursday in the TKP closed group on Facebook (don’t worry TKP friends, only sharing my post). Today we were sharing something that we don’t really like about our bodies and thought of how we could make peace with it.

I shared my feet. I have always hated them and it is time to make peace………


Love you feet.

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel Day 23

The MHC workout of the day was Max Hammer Strength. This is the one where you do one set of the exercise for 1 minute with no weight and then another set with your max weight for 8 reps.

I just LOVE how they save Bulgarian split squats for last. Eye roll.

One of the exercises in the workout is lat pull-overs. Sagi Kalev (Arnold) mentions to be careful because you could get hurt doing this exercise. My stomach turns. It was this exercise that I was doing at the YMCA a few years ago when I took the weight back and my right arm came out of socket!!! I sat up and it magically went back into place but I felt faint and thought I was going to puke. So yeah, I was careful with this one today.

What I ate today! (It’s the meal plan of the day. If I eat more than this, I always say so!)


I only have a few more of these boring food posts. Not because I want to change my food, you know I love my viking diet, but next week I will be doing the 3 Day Refresh cleanse and then after that I will be doing a series of challenges that will force me to go out of my food comfort zone and actually make recipes. I’m so excited! I love this stuff! But sigh…… I’m nervous. But excited!  But nervous nonetheless.

Have a great day everyone!


What is one thing about yourself that you need to make peace with?

Have you ever hurt yourself at the gym?

What is something that you do not do that often because it is out of your comfort zone?

Oo! I just thought about the time I flew off the treadmill! I will tell this story in the near future. It’s awesome. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Thankful For These Feet + Day 23 MHC”

  1. I tore my shoulder doing Tae Bo! Don’t punch nothing, it’s too easy to over extend, lol!!

    Public speaking is a huge no no in my book, I’m petrified!

    I though long and hard, and I’m happy to report that I pretty much like myself finally! I had a huge issue with my nose in high school, but I made peace with that years ago, and I actually like it now. And I am super pale, which I was always self conscious of, but I’m pretty good with that now too. I can’t think of anything else. That feels nice, one good thing about getting older, self acceptance. Ooh, I thought of something! Wrinkles! I’m not okay with my skin aging really. I refuse to fight it too much, I want to age gracefully, not artificially, but I’m not happy about it. I can’t believe how quickly I’m changing! So weird. I still feel like a kid!

    1. I love your attitude! Mine is the opposite! Lol I was always very self conscious of my nose. As long as I can remember! After my first son was born I realized I was still hiding from photos:-( well I wanted lots of photos with my baby! Ones that I love. So I had rhinoplasty. I am soooooo thankful and happy that I did. I have no regretted it for one moment and I’m so happy everytime I see a pic of me and (now two) boys! Also, wrinkles are for the birds! Botox all the way! I probably sound like I a nut and super High maintenance, however I’m quite the opposite. I never wear make up and I’m in lulu’s 85% of the time!

      I need to make peace with my crooked tooth! Grrrrrr Braces and Invisalign and it’s still not great. Any way I’m not shaving my teeth down for veneers and I’m certainly NOT having braces again! So peace it will be!

      My comfort zone. I don’t really have one. (I don’t think) Actually. Social Media. It Freaks me right out! Which is weird that Angela is one of my best friends and we met on the clean eat site. I’ve never posted on insagram and I don’t even have FB or twitter. So being visual on social media would be out of my comfort zone.

      This was very rambling and I just realized I replied to Anne’s post. I’ve running on 3 hours a night for the past 4. Tax season! Dead lines! Too much coffee! 💕

      1. I read this comment yesterday but didn’t get a chance to respond until now. Haha! I love everything about this comment! I don’t know what it is about 34, this year I am definitely making sure that I am taking all the precautions to age gracefully. I was reading that Jennifer Aniston does this laser treatment on her face, I am going to look into it.
        And I LOVE that you do not like to involve yourself on social media! It can be so consuming!
        I hope you get some sleep soon Sarah. 😦
        Have a great Saturday!

    2. Ugh!!! Ow! I didn’t think of that and I love Tae Bo. I have the DVD! I used to do it all the time. Gotta love Billy!
      Somehow I knew this would be your response. You have such a smooth confidence about you that is in no way arrogant. You can tell you are comfortable in your own skin. BUT you are very beautiful too so…
      Oh man, I feel like a kid too! It really is true that age is just a number.

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