Thinking Outside the Box + Day 24 MHC

Thinking Outside the Box + Day 24 MHC

Hey hey!

Gah. What a beautiful day! I’m just going to pretend like it’s spring already. Here in Georgia it has been warm more than it’s been cold and I am giving up hope that we will get snow. 😦 Oh well, yay for spring!

Thinking Outside The Box- Using My Unfinished Basement Ceiling To Strengthen My Lats!

For all of you with unfinished basements, today I am sharing how I am able to strengthen my lats at home with mine.


Pull-ups are one of the exercises in The Master’s Hammer and Chisel. I do not own a pull-up bar and frankly, can’t do a pull-up. This is how I rigged up my resistance bands to still give my lats a workout!

My basement is unfinished (and messy) so the beams of the ceiling are exposed. I stood on my bench and wrapped the resistance bands around where the beams come together so that I could pull the band at an angle. When they do a pull-up on The Master’s Hammer and Chisel, I pull the bands to where I really feel it working when I pull down. Then I lean forward with one leg forward and pull down!

A little outside the box but gets the job done!

Day 24 The Master’s Hammer and Chisel

Day 24! Chisel cardio! I think I said this last time I did this workout but if you hate cardio, this is the cardio for you. It’s so much more fun than just plugging away on a machine. It’s so neat to use the weights for a cardio workout.

What I ate today!

Up until yesterday, every time you have seen “Greek yogurt and Shakeology” on my meal plan it has been Vanilla. But yesterday and today I tried the Cafe Latte flavor. So good! I will be switching to this for my next order. 🙂


Have a simply fantabulous weekend everybody!


Have you ever had to get creative in order to get your home workout in?  What did you do?

Any amazing plans for the weekend?

2 thoughts on “Thinking Outside the Box + Day 24 MHC

  1. This weekend I’m trying to do not too much and keep resting. I’m feeling much better from the pneumonia, but definitely not 100% so I know some extra rest is still needed. We have a little family gathering for some visiting out of state family members and that’s about it. I’m sure I’ll keep busy, but I’m making an effort to keep it low key. Such a challenge for me! I just wanna go and do it all, such a busy body, lol!
    I think all my at home workouts are creative, lol! I don’t have a dedicated space so it’s always funny to see where I do what. Squats in the morning while my eggs cook happens a lot. I routinely elbow my bed frame while doing crunches. And I do pull-ups in my hall in the spare bedroom doorway. But I make it happen, that’s what counts!
    And PS- I envy your quads! They look awesome!!

    1. Oh my gosh Anne! I thought for sure you would be better by now but you are recovering from pneumonia so I don’t know what I was thinking. Rest up mama. Hopefully you will be back to 100% on Monday.
      Yes! That’s what I’m talking about! If you want to make it happen there is always a way. No excuses! Great jon Anne!!!
      Oh thank you! I think the black and white made them look particularly beasty lol.

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