Day 26 MHC: Rest Day with the Fam

Good Evening Peaches!

Just popping in to document Day 26 in The Master’s Hammer and Chisel. Today was my rest day and it was spent at church and with the fam!

Ryan ended up getting a big bump on his head in Sunday school. The kids were playing with balloons and he ran into the door! Ow, poor guy. 😦

For some reason the bruise wouldn’t show up in the pictures. It’s right next to his hairline in the middle of his forehead. It was pretty dark but now it’s actually almost gone! Kids heal so fast!
Sometimes I wonder if I’m dreaming. Thank you Lord for these faces!

My day included a Kevita which felt good after last night’s Mich Ultras (only 2)……..


…….and the peanut butter party I ended up having. There were only two in attendance, me and the spoon. :/

So due to that, I wasn’t that hungry today.

Here’s the food!



I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday evening! Let’s rest up and rock this week!!!

2 thoughts on “Day 26 MHC: Rest Day with the Fam”

  1. What an adorable picture of your hubby and beautiful children. Cherish them as much as you can, before you know it they will be all grown up and leaving for Korea (boo hoo). I just dropped my son Luke off at the airport this morning. I am so excited for him but also sad. I am planning to visit him there at some point, so I have that to look forward to.

    1. Thank you Christine!!! I DO cherish them that’s why my heart hurts so much for you thinking about your son leaving for Korea. I know that has to be gut wrenching even though you are happy for him. 😥

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