Ryan’s 2nd Dentist Visit Day 28 MHC + Grocery Snack + Day 2

Good Evening Friends!

I’m checking in for Day 28!

Ryan’s Second Visit to the Dentist

Well we are two for two for dentist visits.


I can’t believe how well Ryan behaves for the dentist. He doesn’t even act like himself. I have to basically pry his mouth open with a crowbar to brush his teeth! But you would never know it at the dentist. He cooperates extremely well. He does, however, still have to wear shades like he did last time because the light is too bright. I forgot to bring his so he wore mine haha.

Grocery Snack


When I am out and about and end up in need of a snack, I always opt to just run into the grocery store. RARELY does a drive thru or convenient store have a healthy option. Even the “health” bars and nuts are junky 😦

It takes a little more effort to go into a grocery store but it’s definitely worth it!

Day 28 The Master’s Hammer and Chisel: Hammer Power

This workout is SO FUN. It is full of power lifts which is something I have been wanting to try but honestly kind of scared to. I was glad to try them at home with lighter weights and the instruction of Arnold (Sagi Kalev).

During this morning’s workout, I realized how far I have come from when I first started working out again after having Anna. I noticed that I am finally able to do all of the exercises that are in the programs (except pull-ups). I don’t know though, maybe I can do a pull-up. I will try next time I take Ryan to the park. Anyway, it was a great moment to know that I had made a good amount of progress.

I’m Not Going to Bore You With My Food….

Because it’s exactly the same today as everyday.

Ok, last day of eggs and yogurt. Tomorrow I AM BRANCHING OUT….. a little anyway. I am keeping a vegetarian diet the rest of the week in preparation for the 3 Day Refresh that starts Sunday! Plus, I will be doing a clean eating challenge after that in which I will have to make recipes. I better warm myself up!

Have a great night everyone!


Does your child like the dentist?

What is your go-to snack when you are out and about?




16 thoughts on “Ryan’s 2nd Dentist Visit Day 28 MHC + Grocery Snack + Day 2”

    1. Really? I think you actually had told me that! I think it was probably the last time Ryan went to the dentist lol. I posted about it. That’s so nice. I hate going to the dentist. Seems like your parents would make it a little easier.

      1. Hmmm… well put it this way… with a bunch of tools in my mouth my Pops would have the ideal opportunity to lecture me, knowing I couldn’t answer him back!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  1. My son loves to dentist too! It has to be the prize bucket. Lol!

    I always have a Larabar or an almond butter packet in my bag. My husband was actually laughing at me last week because I’ve been using a pretty small bag recently and he couldn’t believe how much food I had in it, πŸ˜‚!

    1. Yes! Haha!!! It’s a treasure chest at this office. Definitely a huge factor.
      I can’t find those greens ones anywhere! Where did you get them? The Lara bars you shared.

      1. Target is the only place by me. If you go on the website there’s other varieties too that I’ve never seen. I think the brand is expanding. Give it time.

  2. Declan fears the dentist but in a great am going to brush my teeth until they sparkle like your ring mommy and my teeth small like fruit pops! Kind of way! Lol. About a year ago he had to cap a Moaler. He calls it his ugly black tooth! So now if he’s too lazy or doesn’t want to brush I kindly remind him about getting more black teeth. It’s not really a fib. If he doesn’t brush he will probably get more black teeth. So he brushes, flosses( even tho his teeth don’t touch,weird) and uses a Floride rince. That ugly black tooth was the best thing for my kids oral hygiene ever!!! ( seriously though Declan has deep crevasse in his teeth like mine.:-( poor guy!) Grayson does not like it! He has a little cry and he deals with it but he’s not living it!

    Vega bars. Always in my bag or car. That and a coffee and I’m set.

    1. Yes! I tell Ryan about cavities all the time but I know that he will not take me seriously until he has to have a cavity filled. Ugh!
      Good boy Declan! Grayson will come around.
      You could honestly be an ad for Vega bars lol. They need to give you your cut!

  3. Hi :). We’ve recently looked pretty heavily at our snacking in order to start finally hitting our goals. Our favorite is Biltong. Ever heard of it? It’s basically one of the most macro friendly snacks around. Our goal is merely to fit into the gym clothing we sell in Ireland and the U.K. on http://www.gymgeardirect.com. We both have athletic but large builds as we are rugby players. Aim is to drop a few pounds in the off season now. Keep up the good work.

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