Getting Ready To Get Summer Ready + Viking to Vegan Update + MHC Day 31

Happy Friday Peaches!

I’m so ready to get summer ready! My Summer Ready Series kicks off on Sunday with the 3 Day Refresh and I could not be more pumped to begin. Even though the series doesn’t begin until Sunday, I need to plan and prep for the 3 Day Refresh today since we will be spending some long awaited time with our friends Rhonda and Pasquale tomorrow.


The prep won’t be too difficult since all I really need to have on hand and prepped for the cleanse is my preferred fruit and veggies and of course the 3 Day Refresh shakes. I won’t be completely quitting coffee for the cleanse but I will be cutting back so I do need to find a good caffeine free tea . Any suggestions? Other than that, I am just making sure that I am nice an organized and ready to go so that I don’t have to think about anything on Sunday. Of course, I did have to get a whole new progress journal just for my Summer Ready Series…….. I love notebooks! And mechanical pencils!

Oh and progress pics, can’t forget those!

Update On Viking to Vegan


I have been keeping a vegetarian diet for most of the week in preparation for the 3 Day Refresh. I am pleased in the fact that I am not all hungry and unsatisfied feeling like I thought I might be, but I have to admit that when I stepped on the scale this morning and was up a pound I was a little discouraged especially since my weight has stayed exactly the same for almost a whole month. But I know that the pound is not fat. It’s water because with carbohydrates comes a little bit of water retention as well. Plus, I measured myself as well and I am exactly the same size. So no sweat, but my stall in progress is definitely a driving force in my readiness for the next few months. Onward!

Day 31 The Master’s Hammer and Chisel

Today was my start of the second half of this program. Chisel Balance was a great way to kick it off since it is pretty difficult and balance is just a weak point for me anyway. Even though I managed to get all of my workouts in for the first half, I feel like I could have focused more and just could have made a better effort in each workout. Seeing my lack luster results, I’m coming at month 2 with a vengeance.


That being said, my balance still needs a lot of work haha.


How are you getting ready for summer?

Are you already summer ready? If so, wow!

Have you every done a cleanse?

Does a setback motivate you or paralyze you?

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!



2 thoughts on “Getting Ready To Get Summer Ready + Viking to Vegan Update + MHC Day 31”

  1. Nice and organized…would expect nothing less from you ! 😀. No, I am not ready for summer but have a headstart by doing squats and lunges, etc. I am stronger. That will help me during my spring and summer duties in the yard. No detox. Can’t commit to those. It just makes me crave nothing and everything. I have been eating lightly. Salads, veggie soups, vega protein w/water only. Kinda stripped.

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