3 Day Refresh Rundown and Results!

Good Morning and Happy 1st!

When I woke up this morning, not only was I super excited to begin a new month (I love new beginnings), BUT I had the awesome feeling of accomplishment as well. The 3 Day Refresh was over and I had done it. Even if I had no results at all, I swear to you that this would have been enough. But I DID get results from the 3 day cleanse and I am going to share them with you now!

But first, the rundown.

3 Day Refresh Rundown


The 3 Day Refresh is a 3 day cleanse where you have 3 shakes a day (1 Shakeology, 2 Vanilla Sweep) and a fiber drink surrounded by fruits, vegetables, a little healthy fat, and A LOT of water. Day 1 went well, Day 2 was HARD, Day 3 was not so bad, and the next morning was fabulous!

Day 1

The day before Day 1, I went out wit my friends and totally lived it up with fried food and beer. I knew I wouldn’t feel that hungry on Day one because I had so many calories the day before. It actually felt really good to have the nutrient dense shakes, fruits and veggies after my pretty nutrient-depleting night of fun. I was however, surprised at the sliminess of the Fiber Sweep. I kinda had to force that one down, But I really enjoyed the shakes. This was a pleasant surprise because when I read that I would only be blending the powders with water I was certainI was in for 3 days of distgustingness (made that word up). But not so! You are allowed a fruit option with your shake for breakfast so I chose blueberries and blended them in with the Shakeology. I did the same for the lunch shake which was the Vanilla Fresh, a fruit option, a veggie option, and a healthy fat option. I blended together the powder, spinach, blueberries, and some avocado oil. I thought the shakes were actually really good done this way! Not at all what I had expected.

Back to the Fiber Sweep, my friend Sarah who did the 3 Day Refresh with me like it!

Day 2

I spent a lot of Day 2 in the hospital with my dad who was having a stint put into his heart. He is doing fine thank God. I had my breakfast shake, Fiber Sweep, and Lunch Shake at home before I went to the hospital around 11:30am. I didn’t get home until around 6 and was STARVING! I had the last shake and the veggie dinner and seemed to be fine afterward but when I when to bed that night the hunger struck with a VENGEANCE. Oh my gosh, I was so hungry. I laid there and laid there unable to go to sleep because I was so hungry. I remember hearing that if you wait out hunger, it will pass. I decided I was just going to close my eyes until it was time to get up even if I just laid there with my eyes closed for 6 hours. I just kept thinking about the fact that this is a 3 DAY cleanse, I can do anything for 3 days. I also thought about those who are hungry like that all the time and can’t get up and get something to eat if they want to. How awful! This experience definitely reminded me of just how blessed I am to have a full pantry and fridge. After a few hours, the hunger did calm down and I finally fell sleep. When I woke up I wasn’t nearly as hungry, isn’t it weird how that works?

Day 3

I’m not going to lie, after Day 2 I was pretty nervous about Day 3. Even if I made it through the day, how was I going to get any sleep at all when it came time? I figured the hunger would be even worse. I was pretty hungry during the day so I just decided to get out of dodge after my lunch shake and headed to Costco and Kroger. I took my time grocery shopping and running errands. It was about 3pm when I got home, I was so hungry. I had some broth. The I ended up having my shake and veggies at 4pm. I wondered how I would get through the night without eating. Well, I drank A TON of water and the hunger actually didn’t get too intense. Anna was having an off day and needed some extra attention so by the time I got her down to sleep, I was exhausted. I fell right to sleep and slept until this morning. 3 Day Refresh completed and goal met! Such a good feeling!


Workouts During 3 Day Refresh

The program guide says to keep your workouts mild to moderate. I consider Insanity Max 30 difficult so I thought Hammer and Chisel would be fine to do on the cleanse. Sunday was my rest day but I did ISO Speed Hammer Monday and then Chisel Agility on Tuesday. Maybe they were more than I was supposed to do and that’s why I was starving Tuesday but I’m not sure. I didn’t feel super fatigued during the workouts or anything.

And finally, the results!

3 Day Refresh Results 

*Note- The “before” pics were taken the morning BEFORE my kettle chip/shrimp/beer night because I didn’t want my results to just show debloating. So this is just normal me followed by 3 Day Refresh me.

February 26th, 2017

March 1st, 2017


Keep in mind this was just 3 DAYS apart. I have to say I am pretty impressed! My stomach is noticeably flatter and I FINALLY broke my weight loss plateau. I haven’t weighed this little since before I got pregnant with Ryan who is 4!

So all in all, I am really impressed with the results I was able to get in 3 days from the 3 Day Refresh. It wasn’t exactly the easiest thing I’ve ever done but I feel accomplished in that I was able to stick it out and I sure as heck love the flatter stomach and definition. While I do not think that the 3 Day Refresh is for everyone, I do think it could be a great way to break a weight loss plateau, get back on track after the holidays or vacation, or just test you skill in completing a cleanse!

Thanks so much for following along everyone! And thank you so much to Sarah and Ron for doing the 3 Day Refresh with me! Your support and accountability made all the difference. Love you!


10 thoughts on “3 Day Refresh Rundown and Results!”

  1. Morning Sunshine!!! And I mean sunshine its food for breakfast today! Lol we made it! I pretty much agree with Angela’s assessment of the cleanse. It was tough but not the end of the world. Down 2 pounds and like Angela my tummy is defiantly flatter. I’d like to give Angela a huge pat on the back for just being a blogger and posting her sweet life and family on instagram! As mentioned in a previous post about “comfort zones” I mentioned that social media is really out of mine. So I thought I’m going to challenge that zone and document my 3 day cleanse on instagram. One again, it was only 3 days right? Well I have to say it was hard and I didn’t fully do what I set out to do. It was way more difficult then I even expected. So thank you Angela for being so real in a social media world of blurred lines:-). Your amazing and thanks for coaching me through my cleanse… handful of chip and all! Lol 💕

    1. Yes we made it!!! And I think we had pretty similar results too. I cannot tell you how thankful I am to you for putting yourself out there on social media for the purpose of this cleanse. I know that was a HUGE jump out of your comfort zone and I appreciate you so much. And just thank you for doing this with me. It made all the difference going through it with someone.
      You are awesome Sarah, love you!!!

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