Day 41 MHC + 3 OTHER Reasons to Workout

Day 41 MHC + 3 OTHER Reasons to Workout

Happy Monday Peaches!

I am still blogging my way through The Master’s Hammer and Chisel and today is Day 41, Chisel Balance. I’m pretty sure I have said this before but balance is definitely a weak point for me. I do enjoy this workout but let’s just say that I am definitely not at my most graceful during these exercises.

Some go well…


Most not so well……

Then of course there are these stellar moments…….


But hey, you can’t get better if you don’t try right?

Speaking of, we all want to include exercise into our daily routine to better our health and our body. But today I wanted to point out some of the things that I have found working out to do for me other than just the physical.

3 Other Reasons To Workout Besides The Obvious

-Training in Discipline

For a lot of my life, one thing that I definitely  did not have a lot of was discipline. Working out is a great way to practice discipline and actually become disciplined as well. Making the commitment, showing up every time, and finally and most importantly FINISHING. These three things will change your life. Once you have committed, shown up, and finished something a few good times in your life, you have gained an invaluable skill that you can use toward anything. And it all began with just a workout!


Stressed? Depressed? Worried? Exercise is an amazing antidepressant. Not only does it just feel good to know that you are doing something healthy for yourself, but during exercise endorphins are released sending tons of feel good messages to your brain! As a result, you feel less stressed, less depressed, and less worried. How awesome is that?
Here’s some studies!
Helps PTSD

Helps depression

Helps anxiety

-Practice in Finishing

Adding on to the above, it really does mean so much to know that you can finish what you start. So many times we set out to do something but then life gets in the way and we do not finish it. But the things is, life is going to ALWAYS happen. After a while, we get really used to starting things but not finishing them. We have to get it into our heads that when we set a goal, life’s hurdles will be there in the way as always and we must find a way to do what we have set out to do anyway. It really is true that we will do the things we want to do. If you want to achieve it, you will find a way. FINISHING is what wins the race, finishing is what gets the results, finishing is what takes you from dreamer to achiever. Just like a workout is a practice in discipline, your workout can be your practice in finishing. Commit, show up, FINISH.




What is something that you have gained from your training other than just a better physique? 

Have a great Monday everybody!

2 thoughts on “Day 41 MHC + 3 OTHER Reasons to Workout

  1. I’ve gained confidence in my ability to do more than I thought I could.

    And your quads are awesome. 😘

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